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Lunar Gate is a location in Final Fantasy VIII. Located directly east of Esthar City, near the eastern coast of the continent, it is an airport-like facility used by Esthar to shuttle people to the Lunar Base.

To launch someone (or presumably something) into space, s/he is placed in a capsule. They then undergo a process called "cold sleep", rendering them unconscious for the trip, and are shot out of a cannon-like apparatus into space. They are "thawed" upon arrival at the Lunar Base.

Story Edit

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Squall Leonhart, Rinoa Heartilly and a party member of Squall's choosing are sent out to Lunar Base to meet with Ellone, who has been sent on the space station to meet the president of Esthar, Laguna Loire. Squall and the others are placed in separate capsules and ejected into space, but before departing Squall appoints Zell Dincht as the group's leader while he is away. After Squall's party has left, Angelo, Rinoa's dog, runs to the base and barks. Zell and others go outside and see Lunatic Pandora approaching Esthar City, and rush to the site.

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Geography Edit

FFVIII Lunar Gate WM

Lunar Gate on the world map.

The Lunar Gate is located to the south of the Great Plains of Esthar, a distance to the east of Esthar City.

The Lunar Gate is a space travel facility similar to an airport. The main building, similar to most Esthar architecture, is a chrome building with large glass windows, with concrete roads either side of it, and immense blue tubes on top of the building that are the boosters used for the shuttles to launch individuals.

The lobby of the building has a gold finish along the walls and luminous blue windows. They have a small door leading to the gates inside, while the next room contains a golden tube in the center used to transport individuals through a capsule up to the boosters and into space.

The gate also has a golden control room overlooking the boosters, in which scientists control red terminals to oversee the cold sleep and the launch to space. This room is populated by scientists, and not visited by the player.

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Triple Triad Edit

The Queen of Cards can be found here if she gives a clue that she is going somewhere "far away". The Lunar Gate uses the Lunar region rules, which have Same, Plus, Elemental, Sudden Death, Random and Same Wall as starting rules. The area has no players who use rare cards, but the player can use them to abolish lunar rules before going to space.[1] This makes it easier to win the Laguna and Alexander cards.

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Bizarre message on the launcher.

  • The screen with the launcher displays a message in the upper corner that appears to say: "Tin Can Shooter" and "UPS!! seventh and gave up on the most of the way".

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