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Luminous Productions (株式会社ルミナス・プロダクション, Kabushikigaisha Ruminasu Purodakushon?), formerly known as Business Division 2 (第2ビジネス・ディビジョン, Dai Ni Bijinesu Dibijon?), is a Japanese video game development studio and subsidiary within the Square Enix Group that was formed on March 27, 2018, from the Final Fantasy XV development team. Since the release of Final Fantasy XV, the aim of the company has been to create AAA video games for a global audience in addition to other media content using the Luminous Studio engine, which the company was named after.

Luminous Productions was headed by Hajime Tabata as it CCO and the company was tasked with developing paid downloadable content for Final Fantasy XV. Once Hajime Tabata left Luminous Productions and Square Enix, production on the paid downloadable content for Final Fantasy XV halted and the company shifted to focus on developing a new project using the Luminous Studio engine.

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