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Lulutsu is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is the receptionist for the Gladiators' Guild, talking to her starts the sidequest So You Want to Be a Gladiator So You Want to Be a Gladiator that unlocks the Gladiator class.


Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0)[]

Lulutsu in version 1.0.

When the adventurer presents the Coliseum Pass he received from Momodi, Lulutsu complains that adventurers are always fighting the beasts, but never each other and never give the public what they really want to see. After that she allows him to enter the coliseum.[1]

Once the adventurer joins the Gladiators' Guild, Lulutsu gives an account of the excitement of the gladiator games held in the Bloodsands. She says that the selections for the next tournament are already underway, and asks the adventurer for help in eliminating the weak from the list.[2] Lulutsu shares management's concerns about finding talented new fighters for the Coliseum . She asks the adventurer to travel to Gridania and help Yoyobina find a fighter. After they return and report their failure to bring J'moldva back to the Coliseum, Lulutsu is disappointed by the report and recalls with nostalgia the Coliseum of earlier years, when crowds would swarm and reach a riot-like frenzy.[3] Later Lulutsu contacts the adventurer with news of an opportunity to fight in Bloodsands as a gladiator and eventually delivers the reward as gratitude for the effort.[4]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

After the calamity, Lulutsu continues working as receptionist for the Gladiators' Guild. She introduces the guild to the Warrior of Light and introducing him to the guildmaster, Mylla Swordsong.




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