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Lulu is a boss fought in the International and HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X-2 in the Fiend Arena in the Youth League Tournament. She is fought either alone or with Kimahri.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

As a Black Mage, Lulu casts powerful spells including Ultima, Demi, Flare, and the elemental Fury spells (labeled T. Fire, T. Blizzard, T. Thunder, and T. Water). Her Auto-Reflect bounces all spells directed at her will away from her. She absorbs all elements, including Holy. When casting Flare, she casts it on herself and bounces it back to a random party member for major damage.

When she runs low on HP, she heals with a Mega-Potion, but it only restores 2,000 HP. Sometimes, Lulu may restore her own MP with a Turbo Ether (only if she has less than 1/3 of max MP remaining), increase her Magic with Magic Up, or bestow protective statuses on herself with a Light Curtain (adds Protect) or Lunar Curtain (adds Shell). In addition, Lulu can cast Dispel on the entire party to rid them of any positive status effects.

Strategy Edit

As Lulu has very high Magic Defense, magical attacks usually don't do much damage to her. She has only 69,800 HP and medium Defense, so anyone with maxed out Strength and Break Damage Limit can defeat her with one or two uses of Fireworks or a flurry of physical attacks. Lulu's Fury spells cannot be reflected, so having element-proofing or element-eating equipment and abilities (e.g. Tetra Eater like with the Black Elemental) is recommended. Having high Magic Defense and/or Shell is also recommended.

Lulu is not immune to any of the four "Break" abilities, so lowering her stats (e.g. by Quartet Knife from Paine's Mascot dressphere or a recruited Mega Tonberry) also works well.

If Lulu is fought alongside Kimahri, the player should focus their attacks on Lulu first due to many of her attacks being able to target the entire party. Because Kimahri usually casts Mighty Guard on his first turn, the player should use abilities like Dispel or Crackdown to remove the status buffs from both Lulu and Kimahri before attacking them.

AI script Edit

Basic Turn Pattern

Turn 1
 If (Has less than 1/3 of HP remaining)
  Use Mega-Potion
  Use Flare on self

Turn 2
 If (Character does not have Fireproof or Fire Eater)
  Use Flare on self
  Use T. Fire

Turn 3
 If (Character does not have Iceproof or Ice Eater)
  Use Flare on self
  Use T. Blizzard

Turn 4
 If (Character does not have Lightningproof or Lightning Eater)
  Use Flare on self
  Use T. Thunder

Turn 5
 If (Character does not have Waterproof or Water Eater)
  Use Flare on self
  Use T. Water

Turn 6
 If (All enemies are in Shell status)
  Use Flare on self
  Use Lunar Curtain

Turn 7
 If (All enemies are in Protect status)
  Use Flare on self
  Use Light Curtain

Turn 8
 If (Magic Up not used 5 times)
  Use Magic Up
  Use Dispel on all characters

Turn 9
 If (Has less than 1/3 of HP remaining)
  Use Ultima
  Use Demi

Repeat from Turn 1

If (has less than 1/3 of MP remaining)
 Use Turbo Ether
 Continue Basic Turn Pattern

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