Lulu is a playable character in Final Fantasy X and a boss and a recruitable party member in Final Fantasy X-2. She is a Black Mage who casts Black Magic in battle and wields animated plush toys for weapons, akin to voodoo dolls. She is slow, but is able to hit enemies' elemental weaknesses for high damage.

Final Fantasy X[edit | edit source]

Yuna's guardian, and an accomplished black mage. She's guarded two summoners before Yuna, and learned much from those pilgrimages. No one, not even Wakka, knows how she controls the puppets she uses as weapons.

Scan description

Lulu explains about the four elements.

Lulu slaps fiends for some of her counterattacks. She performs a regular attack as a ground counterattack, and does a backhand when countering a flying fiend. When low on HP, Lulu will slouch over with her left arm draping over her knee, and when at quarter HP she will slouch down even more with her left arm further behind her. Her victory pose is to bend down and dust her dress with her hand.

Lulu casts a spell.

Lulu and the rest of the Final Fantasy X cast are the first Final Fantasy characters to have different casting magic poses based on the spell's tier. If Lulu is using tier 1 magic, e.g Fire, she puts her hand on her shoulder, then casts it. For rank 2 magic, e.g Fira, she raises her right arm up past her head, and lastly, for tier 3 magic or greater, like Firaga or Flare, she raises both arms to the sky, then brings them down in a full circle, casting the spell. The doll she is using falls to the ground and mimics her pose.

Lulu's Overdrive is Fury that casts a barrage of up to sixteen spells on the target. To execute Fury the right thumbstick must be rotated 360 degrees. More spins add more castings. Nearly all of the Black Magic spells can be cast. These spells cannot be evaded, protected against, or prevented in any way and do not cost MP, but do significantly less damage than a normal casting of the same spell. Lulu cannot cast a spell with Fury until she learns it in the Sphere Grid, and she can only Fury-cast Black Magic.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Lulu is a Black Mage, and thus her physical attacks and defense are initially weaker than the other characters', although there are a good number of Defense nodes on her section of the Sphere Grid. Her HP, Strength, Accuracy, and Agility remain fairly low. Lulu's Magic, Magic Defense, MP, Defense, and Evasion are strong. Lulu has one of the highest Defense stats in the game, which is uncharacteristic of her job class.

Values in parentheses are node stat bonuses.
Stat Base Value Sphere Grid
Normal Expert
HP 380 2580 (2200) 2380 (2000)
MP 92 432 (340) 352 (260)
Strength 5 16 (11) 15 (10)
Defense 8 56 (48) 38 (30)
Magic 20 56 (36) 54 (34)
Magic Defense 30 90 (60) 78 (48)
Agility 5 21 (16) 22 (17)
Luck 17 21 (4) 19 (2)
Evasion 40 84 (44) 83 (43)
Accuracy 3 5 (2) 13 (10)

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Lulu with a Cactuar Doll.

Lulu equips dolls as her weapons and bangles as her armor. When performing Attack or other physically-based ability, Lulu lets a doll go and hit an enemy, making her physical attacks the longest to perform of all the party members.

Lulu's dolls are based on classic Final Fantasy creatures. She usually uses a Moogle doll but can also use the Cait Sith, Moomba, Cactuar, and PuPu dolls. As revealed in Final Fantasy X-2, unaware of this fact despite using her magic to animate them in her attacks, Lulu's dolls are sentient beings with the mentality of children who view her as their mother.

Lulu's Celestial Weapon is the Onion Knight. Lulu is the only character not shown receiving her Celestial Weapon with Tidus, due to the Onion Knight being found underwater. When fully upgraded, the Onion Knight has Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Magic Booster and One MP Cost.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Lulu's Sphere Grid area runs near Rikku's and Wakka's, and her Sphere Color is purple. The unique abilities in Lulu's default position on the grid include the following:

Abilities denoted with an asterisk (*) are available in the International, PAL, and HD Remaster version of Final Fantasy X.
Ability Description Ability Description
Fire Minor Fire elemental damage. Thunder Minor Lightning elemental damage.
Water Minor Water elemental damage. Blizzard Minor Ice elemental damage.
Focus Raises party's magic & magic defense. Fira Moderate Fire elemental damage.
Thundara Moderate Lightning elemental damage. Watera Moderate Water elemental damage.
Blizzara Moderate Ice elemental damage. Reflex Raises party's evasion.
Bio Inflicts Poison on an enemy. Demi Reduces current HP of target party by 1/4.
Death Inflicts Death on an enemy. Waterga Major Water elemental damage.
Thundaga Major Lightning elemental damage. Firaga Major Fire elemental damage.
Blizzaga Major Ice elemental damage. Flare Extreme non-elemental damage.
Doublecast Allows character to cast Blk Magic spells twice. Nab Gil* Attack and steal gil at the same time.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Affection level with Tidus[edit | edit source]

Tidus and Lulu ride a machina sled.

Affection mechanics is a hidden gameplay element that governs certain cutscenes. Tidus's actions with other party members can decide who talks to Tidus in cutscenes and who throws the blitzball during Tidus's Overdrive Blitz Ace. How each character is chosen is based upon a hidden "affection" value in the game's code. All of the main characters (except Tidus) have an affection value. At the beginning of the game, all characters' affection values start at zero, but can be increased whenever Tidus heals a party member, whenever Tidus intercepts an enemy attack intended for another party member using either Guard or Sentinel, and whenever the player speaks first to a party member during times where everyone is spread out across the area. Whenever Tidus attacks another party member, their affection value decreases.

Notable scenes with a high-affection level Lulu are Tidus talking with her in Guadosalam about Yuna getting married, and Lulu riding on a machina sled with Tidus in Lake Macalania. Lulu is the easiest character to rack up affection with, and players generally get her scenes unless they specifically try for another character.

Scenes on the Farplane[edit | edit source]

Lulu visits the Farplane.

When the party first visits the Farplane in Guadosalam, Lulu overhears Wakka talk to Chappu's spirit. If the player revisits the Farplane after Tidus mentions Seymour's departure for Macalania Temple, they can find Lulu attempting to speak with a woman who doesn't respond. If the party returns to Guadosalam after the events in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, Lulu will mourn the Lady Ginnem.

Celestial Weapon[edit | edit source]

Lulu's Onion Knight.

Lulu's Celestial Weapon is named after the recurring job, and bears the sprite of the Final Fantasy III Onion Knight on its shield. The player must search for the coordinates "12, 57" while aboard the airship to locate Baaj Temple where the player must dive into the water and swim to the northern doors. Geosgaeno will attack, and after it is defeated, the chest containing the Onion Knight will appear in the southern part of the area underwater.

The Venus Crest is found in the Farplane (entered from Guadosalam) after Tidus mentions Seymour's departure for Macalania Temple.

To obtain the Venus Sigil, the player must go to the Thunder Plains and dodge two hundred consecutive lightning bolts without leaving the area. The player is not told how many bolts they have dodged, and if they miscount and leave the area without dodging enough bolts, their total is reset. Once two hundred bolts have been dodged in a row, the chest containing the sigil will appear in front of the Thunder Plains branch of Rin's Travel Agency.

The Onion Knight does more damage the closer Lulu is to her max MP.

The damage modifier formula is:

(10 + [100 * User's current MP ÷ User's Max MP]) ÷ 110

Upgrading the Onion Knight with the Venus Crest will allow Shiva to break the damage limit.

The following table lists the abilities the Onion Knight will have after the appropriate upgrade is used.

Original Crest Sigil
Double Overdrive
Break Damage Limit
Triple Overdrive
Magic Booster
One MP Cost

Final Fantasy X-2[edit | edit source]

Boss[edit | edit source]

Lulu - FFX-2 Creature Avatar.png

Lulu can be fought as a boss during the Youth League Tournament in the Fiend Arena in the International and HD Remaster versions.

Party member[edit | edit source]

Lulu can be recruited as a party member through the Creature Creator system. To recruit Lulu the player must set up a Special Monster Pod in Besaid during a New Game Plus file. The abilities Lulu can naturally learn are Fire Fury, Blizzard Fury, Thunder Fury, and Water Fury; all of which chain 9 times. She has been known to cast the improper element and heal the enemy.

Like all monster allies, Lulu can use any of the common dresspheres and she is controlled by the game's AI. If given the Osmose ability, which can be done by equipping her with the Black Tome item or the Black Tabard Garment Grid, her AI will use it as needed. As with all allies from Final Fantasy X, she will use her old battle lines and, just like all returning heroes, performs a victory pose at the end of the battle.

Sphere Break[edit | edit source]

Lulu Coin
Silver Lulu Coin
Gold Lulu Coin
Coin No. 61 Coin Value 9
Trait Rare Coin
Location Win from the Bevelle Core Sphere player in the Luca Stadium.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

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