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Lukahn, known as Lukin in the Origins version, is a character in the original Final Fantasy. He is a renowned sage who foretold the coming of the Warriors of Light. Though he currently resides in the town at Crescent Lake, he and his prophecy are known throughout the southern continents, and even some people in the north have heard of the coming of the Warriors of Light. He stands with the Circle of Sages, presumably their leader, and hints at the cycle of death that plagues the world when the Warriors speak with him.

The Circle of Sages in the Dawn of Souls version.

His prophecy states that in a time of darkness, four Warriors of Light would appear to restore light to the Crystals and balance to the elements of the world.

Other appearances[]

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Lukahn has a cameo in the Cosmos Reports, interviewing the woman who inherited the memories of Cid of the Lufaine's wife. Lukahn reveals that he was not as much a soothsayer as a historian, and that history itself told him that the Warriors of Light would one day appear so that they could restore the Crystals and travel back through time once more.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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