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A water priestess charged with protecting the Olderion Federation. She has a deep bond with the water crystal, the incredible power of which she uses to cleanse the waters that protect the city from monsters. She also has two brothers, both of whom serve in protecting their country.

In-game description

Luka, known as Luluka in the Japanese version, is a supporting character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Born to the Warden of the Waters line that has protected Olderion for generations, she was chosen from a young age to be the Water Priestess. She is Nichol and Elle's sister.



Luka has blue eyes, and long light-blue hair styled in a braid. She covers it with a blue veil, and wears a knee-length white and blue dress with golden embroidery.


Luka is gentle and selfless, having dedicated her life to serving the people across Olderion. Not only kind and welcoming to all she comes across, she is much more patient than either of her brothers as well as perceptive, being able to see through Nichol's actually clumsy nature.


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Born to the ancestral line of the Warden of the Waters, Luka was chosen to become the Water Priestess and bonded with the Water Crystal, receiving its protection, despite her young age. Using the crystal's power, she would cleanse the waters that protect Aquapolis Olderion from monsters, and placed a barrier around the crystal in order to protect it.

However, during her trip to purify the waters, her ship is attacked by the water god, Leviathan, and she becomes trapped in the resulting shipwreck. However, Nichol and a band of foreigners – consisting of Rain, Lasswell, Fina and Lid – come to her rescue. However, when the ship begins to sink further into the sea, she uses her powers to allow everyone to breath underwater and travel to Tokkle Coast through the sea floor. At the shore, they are found by Elle, who informs his siblings that the monsters breached the Aquapolis' walls, and that Nichol is needed back at the city. They immediately return to the city, where she immediately begins the purification rites, but is unable to complete them. She then explains to Nichol that her ship had been attacked by Leviathan, and thus she decides to travel to Lake Dorr, the esper's home. All the while she is escorted by Rain's party, who tell her and her brothers of the Sworn Six of Paladia's goals.

While passing through the Aquatic Cove, Nichol asks her if she really intends to descend to the bottom of the lake, to which she confirms her convictions. When they see Fina eavesdropping on their conversation, Nichol leaves but Luka is more accepting – asking Fina's opinions on sacrifice and love.

Ultimately, they make their way to Lake Dorr, where she approches the Lake by herself so as to lure Veritas of the Waters out, who attempts to kill her. The others intervene and defeat the monsters. Leviathan then appears to attack them, due to having being wounded by Waterlord with the Sacred Ring of Paladia; the party then realizes that it is Leviathan's blood that is polluting the waters. While the party barely survives Leviathan's attacks, Luka makes a direct prayer to the esper. Though Waterlord tries to kill her, Fina protects her with a barrier long enough for Luka's pleas to reach Leviathan despite the ring's influence. Leviathan then attacks Waterlord, forcing her to flee. Her work not yet finished, Luka grants Fina access to the Water Crystal and bids farewell to the party, and promises to come back one day.

As she descends to the bottom of the lake to heal Leviathan's wounds and purify the waters, even though it may take her years to fully do so, Luka tells them to think of her and know that she is alive whenever they see the purifying light.

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Luka appears as a summonable vision. Her job is listed as Water Priestess, and as such she has access to an array of healing abilities and spells, all generally related to the Water element. She can equip staves, instruments and maces, as well as hats, clothes, robes and accessories. She currently has three variants: her original unit simply called "Luka", then the 4-6★ "Summertime Luka" unit, and the JP-only "Sweet Luka" unit (5-7★) for Valentine's Day.



  • Luka shares some similarities with Aria Benett from Final Fantasy III, as they both are Water Maidens of their respective games and are tasked to protect the Water Crystal. Upon the party's first and last meetings with Luka, the NES version of "Priestess Aria" is played.