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We are the Lufenians, the descendants of a race that once lived among the clouds - the Sky People.

Lufenian at the entrance to Lufenia, Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls

The Lufenians, also known as Lefeinish or Lufaine, are a race in the original Final Fantasy. They are descendants of a race called the Sky People who once lived up in the skies. At present, Lufenians live in the remote town of Lufenia.


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Four hundred years ago the Sky People were the civilization of the highest order. With their mastery of the Wind element they created a floating castle high up in the sky, with the Mirage Tower serving as its gateway. Some boasted that their civilization even reached beyond the skies. The Sky People had invented mechanical beings, and a Lufenian called Cid invented the airship.

The Fiend of Wind Tiamat appeared and overtook the castle, banishing the Sky People down onto the land. Tiamat took over the Sky People's mastery of wind, and the Sky People were weakened.

The Sky People built a settlement called Lufenia and passed on a legend that four hundred years after the fall of their civilization, four light bearers will save them. The Mirage Tower remains to become the symbol of this race. The Lufenians have long passed down their memories in a ritual but this practice is fading.

At some point before the Warriors of Light arrived, the Lufenians sent out five warriors to investigate a hypothesis of another force controlling Tiamat. None of them returned, and it was said these warriors have been cursed by the Fiends into bats. When the Warriors of Light reach the Chaos Shrine they find five bats around a Black Crystal, and learn about the connection between to the Crystals, the Fiends and a time loop that began two thousand years ago.

The Warriors of Light discover the Lufenians speak only their native language, which is unintelligible to them. The heroes can only understand Lufenian once they retrieve the Rosetta Stone and give it to Dr. Unne.

Other appearances[]

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

The narrator is revealed to be a Lufenian scientist named Cid who traded his body as part of a deal with Shinryu. The Warrior of Light is a manikin based on Cid while Cosmos is a manikin based on Cid's wife. While Cosmos is technically not a Lufenian, being modeled after Cid's wife means she may represent what a Lufenian looked like during Cid's time.

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