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Outside Lufenia Ruins

Lufenia Ruins (ルフェイン遺跡, Rufein Iseki?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the south of Barrier Grove. A crystal is said to be placed here. Also, Diabolos can be encountered in this area.


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The Warriors of Darkness follow the Oracle of Lufenia's instruction and come to this area to seek for a Crystal. Getting through the Barrier Grove, they finally made it to Lufenian Ruins.

The Black Orbs in Lufenia Ruins

Upon entering the area, they search for Lufenian jewels and insert them to the sockets near the entrance to access other floors. They also come across a black orb which turns out to be Diabolos. After acquiring the eidolon, they reach the Mirror Chamber and discover a gigantic mirror but no Crystal.

The Mask is heavily wounded by Cocytus

The Mask explains that there was no Crystal here and tells the warriors to draw their blades. Then he begins casting Flare. The warriors think that he is attacking them but the spell hit Cocytus instead, who doesn't seem to take any damage. They attack Cocytus but she is too strong for them. Suddenly, their reflections in the mirror glow. The Mask tells them that their bravery, faith and friendship are the Crystal. Then they learn the Ultimate Black Magic, Meteor. The warriors begin casting it on Cocytus but even the forbidden Black Magic cannot bring her down. Cocytus attacks The Mask, making his mask shattered. Upon seeing his real identity, Cocytus flees immediately. The Mask tells them to defeat his other half before disappearing and his will grant them the Magus job. Then a Dimensional Shift occurs.
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Item Place
Phoenix Down B1F
Coronet B2F
Dry Ether B2F
Ruffian's Knife B2F
Deathbringer B2F
Elixir B2F
Dragon Mail B2F
Tiger Fangs B4F
Valkyrie Coat B4F
X-Potion B3F
Sledgehammer B4F
Dragon Armlet B4F
Stoneblade B6F
Kiku-ichimonji B6F

The stone tablet at the entrance can fully recover HP/MP.