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Single slot. Luck Plus is an Independent Materia in Final Fantasy VII. When equipped, it boosts the user's Luck by an amount dependent on the level of the Materia. Luck is an important stat in many calculations, including the chances of attacks hitting or missing, or for attacks being critical hits. The maximum Luck stat is 255.


Luck Plus is found at the Temple of the Ancients. To obtain more Materia, the player must master one. If the player does not pick it up before the temple transforms, it is permanently missed.


Level AP required Effect
1 0 Increases Luck by 10%.
2 15000 Increases Luck by 20%.
3 30000 Increases Luck by 30%.
4 60000 Increases Luck by 40%.
5 100000 Increases Luck by 50%.


Luck Plus boosts a character's Luck stat. This stat affects the chances of attacks on enemies being critical, or enemy attacks missing. Luck Plus increases Luck up to 255.

Luck Plus is useful to equip on any character with a spare Materia slot for it, but is not always worth a Materia slot over other Independent Materia. Most characters have roughly the same Luck stat, meaning that it can be given to any character, though it is normally better given to characters who are dealing in physical attacks as it is more relevant in physical attacks than magical attacks.

An alternative way to increase Luck is to use Luck Sources, which permanently increase a character's Luck by 1 each time one is used. These are rare, however, and the only way to acquire an unlimited amount is using Morph. Upgrading a character's Luck to 255 this way is very time-consuming, meaning Luck Plus is better short-term.