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Lucil is a non-player character in Final Fantasy X and an AI-controlled party member in the International and HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X-2. As the captain of the Chocobo Knights, she is a natural leader, respected by others for her strength, boldness, and vision. According to the Final Fantasy X Ultimania Omega, she is 25 years old during Final Fantasy X.



Lucil is a young woman with red hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. She wears a sleeveless, yellow and green high-collared bodysuit, white fingerless arm warmers and matching leg warmers held by black garter belts. She wears several purple armor pieces: a headband, a corset, pauldrons, elbow pads, knee pads, and shin guards.


Do you remember why the Youth League seeks the truth behind Spira's past? Because Spira's past is the foundation for its future. Our power exists so that we may cut a new road, to a new age. An age where children will never have to lift a sword!

Lucil, Chapter 5 of Final Fantasy X-2

Lucil is strong, brave, and wise. Her natural leadership qualities serve her well in hole roles as captain (and later commander). She can be strict, but is always polite. Lucil is determined, as the outcome of Operation Mi'ihen doesn't stop her from immediately trying to re-establish the Chocobo Knights. She remains polite to Yuna even if she gives the Awesome Sphere to New Yevon.


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Final Fantasy X[]

Lucil and the Chocobo Knights.

Yuna and her guardians meet Lucil on the Mi'ihen Highroad. She introduces herself as captain of the Chocobo Knights and warns the group of a large fiend in the area with a taste for chocobos. Lucil's group teams up with the Crusaders and Al Bhed at Operation Mi'ihen to defeat Sin, a colossal monster that has terrorized Spira for a millennium.

Lucil fighting during Operation Mi'ihen.

Another member of the Crusaders participating in the mission describes Lucil as "no doubt the best of the bunch". During the mission, Lucil takes an active role, directing Yuna and the party to the command center, and later leading the charge towards Sin. Following the failed mission that leaves her ranks in tatters, Lucil tries to reestablish the Chocobo Knights leading up to Lady Yuna's Calm. She leads her group along the Moonflow and then north in search of chocobos to replace the ones they had lost.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Former Crusader and Chocobo Knight. She holds the Youth League together admirably as Nooj's right-hand woman, but the group's explosive nature complicates her efforts.

Shinra's Dossier entry.

Lucil met in Youth League headquarters.

Lucil has joined the Youth League along with her old comrades Elma and Clasko. They strive to stifle the reign of New Yevon and build a "new, better Spira". Lucil becomes commander, second-in-command to Nooj. She declares that "the heart is not moved from without; but rather, when the time is right, it moves of its own accord from within," and claims to have learned all of her wisdom from her troops.

The party can meet Lucil at the headquarters once they complete the gauntlet. However, she forbids them from entering the building since they are busy at the moment. In Chapter 2, if the party sides with the Youth League, they can meet Lucil and Elma in the headquarters where Lucil reveals that she reprimanded Yaibal for spreading rumors of the Gullwings joining the Youth League.

Lucil comes up with the idea to hold a battle tournament as a way for the Youth League troops to blow off steam. If the Gullwings give the "Awesome Sphere" to the Youth League, they are allowed to participate in the battle tournament, with Lucil as the final opponent. If they gave the sphere to New Yevon, she apologetically bars them from participating, since the overly excitable legionaries might get out of hand if a perceived supporter of New Yevon takes part in the fighting. Afterward, Lucil gives a rousing speech, speaking on the proper use of power.

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Lucil is the final opponent in the battle tournament in Final Fantasy X-2, should the player give the Awesome Sphere to the Youth League.



Lucil is a variant of Lucille. Lucille is a French name meaning "light."


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