Luciane Corne is non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV. She is the Archers' Guildmaster.

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Luciane greatly admired her father, a leader of Gods' Quiver. By imitating him, Luciane became an archer whose skills left those around her with reverence. While her father advised her to follow in his footsteps and become a Quiverman, Luciane had found her passion for mastering the bow. She chose, therefore, to seek her fortune in the Archers' Guild, and there she became a leader by right.[1]

Luciane recruits the Warrior of Light for the Archers' Guild and places them under the responsibility of Leih Aliapoh and later Silvairre. Once the Warrior of Light concludes the teachings of both archers, Luciane declares that the Warrior of Light is now an archer in their own right and encourages them to resume the search for the greatest domain of the bow.

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