The flag of the Luca Goers

The Luca Goers (ルカ・ゴワーズ, Ruka Gowāzu?) are a blitzball team from Final Fantasy X. They represent Luca, the second biggest city in Spira and home to the only blitzball stadium. Thus, the Goers are the most widely beloved team in Spira, and are also often considered the best, having won several tournaments, even earning the bias of the commentators, Bobba and Jimma.

Their players are arrogant and overconfident. When the Goers face what most consider the worst team in the league, the Besaid Aurochs, in the finals of an annual tournament, the player can either win or lose the match. This does not largely affect the story. In Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~, the Aurochs are treated as the winners of that tournament.

In normal gameplay, the Goers have no specific strengths or weaknesses. In the storyline match against them, the Goers are a difficult team to play, but once the player gains the ability to level up and recruit better players onto their team, the Luca Goers are an average team at best. The Goers' players are fairly strong during the early and mid-stages, but get progressively weaker late-game as their stat growths begin to decline.

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