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Why? I don't understand! Where do you find such strength? No matter how I struggle, ever do I fall short of the perfection you reach with ease.

Luc, to Frimelda

Luc Sardarc is a character from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. He was a partner of the blade master Frimelda Lotice.


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Luc and Frimelda were once lovers and traveled Jylland together, fighting injustice. Luc came to resent Frimelda for was the better swordsman, earning the title of blademaster. No matter how hard he trained he could not match her. He poisoned her with Zombie Powder and stole her sword, the Fallen Angel. He gained the reputation he wanted; Frimelda went "missing" because she had become a zombie.

After learning of her condition from Clan Gully, Frimelda seeks out Luc to get her sword back. Luc, not knowing the zombie's identity, is terrified and posts a quest to defeat it, which is answered by Clan Gully. Luso, Adelle, and Cid recognize Frimelda. Luc is appalled to learn she was not killed outright and rants about his envy before declaring to end her and Clan Gully both, but they defeat him.

Once beaten, Luc admits that he has been empty since the day he poisoned Frimelda and, guilt-stricken, begs them to kill him. Frimelda refuses and simply reclaims her sword (which she gives to the clan) before departing.

Luc takes it upon himself to protect Frimelda, who is attacked by other zombies. He believes her to be without hope of recovery and asks Clan Gully to put her out of her suffering, but they had already obtained a curative thanks to Ghi Yelgi and administer it, restoring Frimelda to true life.

Luc is bewildered when Frimelda again refuses to take revenge and laments that he will never attain the "perfection" that seems effortless to her. He says that he will haunt her no longer and leaves, never to be seen or heard from again.

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