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You were at the theater! Oh, please! Don't tell anyone about this! Please! I'll give you this!

Lowell, after being discovered in the Moogle Suit.

Lowell Bridges is a minor non-playable character in Final Fantasy IX. Born in Treno and raised in Lindblum, Lowell is an arrogant actor.


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Lowell is stalked by a passionate fan club after a recent performance. He dresses up as a moogle to advertise his play, Moogle Wannabe 2; however, his fans are only interested in seeing Lowell, so he runs away hoping to escape from the swooning crowd unnoticed. Zidane can follow and unmask him in the studio of Michael the Artist to receive his autograph and also find the "Moogle Suit" as a Key Item in the chest of drawers to the right.

Later in the game, Ruby sends a letter to Zidane via Mognet, requesting that Lowell should come to her mini theater in Alexandria, as she is short of actors. When the player returns to the theater, Lowell can be found remarking the place is unworthy of someone of his talent. Ruby seems irritated at the actor's arrogance and complains bitterly about him.

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"Lowell" is of Old French origin and means "young wolf".[1] The choice of referring to a wolf in his name may come from the fact that wolf symbolizes free will and the ability escape, latter which is shown when Lowell tries to flee and hide from his fans.