Tapir, a Dance ability used through Love Serenade in Final Fantasy VI.

Calls upon the power of love to attack enemies and cure allies' status ailments.

Final Fantasy VI description

Love Serenade (あいのセレナーデ, Ai no Serenāde?), also known as Love Sonata, is a recurring ability in the series. It is an ability used exclusively by Mog or Moogles in general.


Final Fantasy VI

Love Serenade is a Dance ability used by Mog. The dance is associated with eighteen battle backgrounds and it can be learned in the following locations; South Figaro, Zozo, Phantom Train interior, Opera House, Vector, Imperial Observation Post, Magitek Research Facility, Burning Home, Figaro Castle, Ancient Castle, Imperial Palace, Owzer's Mansion, Cultists' Tower, Dreamscape, Narshe, Kefka's Tower, Soul Shrine, and Terra's flashback. While using the Dance, Mog has a 7/16 chance of using Will-o'-the-Wisp, a 6/16 chance of using Apparition, a 2/16 chance of using Snare, and a 1/16 chance of using Tapir.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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World of Final Fantasy

Bestow defense up/magic defense up. Takes effect multiple times.


Love Serenade is an active ability that bestows Defense Up and Magic Defense Up on random targets for 7 AP. It takes effect multiple times. It can be used by Glow Moogle.


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In music, a serenade is a musical composition and/or performance delivered in honor of someone or something.

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