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Love, the Melody of Courage is a time-limited event where Edward from Final Fantasy IV can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Harp's Timbre:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.
(While the party is surrounded by Skeletons, Celes defeats one)

  • Rydia: Take that!

(Rydia defeats a Skeleton)

  • Cid: Raaah!

(Cid defeats a Skeleton, but more appear)

  • Celes: Tch...! There's no end to them...
  • Cid: And I'm runnin' outta gas. We need to do somethin' or else—

("Edward's Harp" plays)

  • Cid: ...What's that noise?
  • Rydia: It sounds like a harp.
  • Rydia: It couldn't be...!

(The Skeletons are defeated)

  • Celes: Look! The monsters collapsed!
  • Cid: What the heck's going on here!? Those monsters fell down the second they heard that music!
  • ???: Thank goodness. It looks like I made it just in time.

(Edward arrives)

  • Rydia: Edward! It really was you!
  • Edward: Good to see you again, Rydia. Are those the warriors from other worlds?
  • Celes: Is he a friend of yours, Rydia?
  • Rydia: Yeah! That music sounded familiar, so I had a feeling it was him!
  • Edward: A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Edward Chris von Muir.
  • Edward: I heard about your plight from the goddess. She said that the dimensions are—

(A Scorpion appears behind the party)

  • Cid: Hey, watch out!
  • Edward: What? Waaah!
  • Rydia: Edward! Ohhh, you're as oblivious as ever!
  • Edward: Here it comes!
  • Celes: We can talk later. Everyone, get ready!
The Bard Edward:
  • Cecil: Are you alright, Edward?
  • Edward: Haha. That was a close one. Thank you, Cecil.
  • Cecil: Allow me to introduce you to our friend Edward.
  • Irvine: I see you play a harp. Are you a bard or something?
  • Yang: Precisely, Lord Irvine. Though he is more than your average bard.
  • Yang: For he is actually the prince of Damcyan.
  • Faris: Royalty masquerading as a bard? You've got some weird hobbies.
  • Edward: For generations, the Damcyan royal family has been both merchants and minstrels.
  • Edward: It seems the skills of the latter flow more strongly in my blood, however...
  • Mog: I'm glad they do, kupo! Your song saved us!
  • Yang: I expected no less of Lord Mog. It seems he has already noticed.
  • Irvine: Noticed what?
  • Cecil: The timbre of Edward's harp can seal the powers of monsters.
  • Cecil: This isn't the first time his music has saved us from trouble.
  • Irvine: No way! I've never met anyone like that before. That's incredible!
  • Faris: You don't look it, but you're a fighter! I had you all wrong, Edward.
  • Irvine: When you fell over earlier, I thought you were a complete coward, but...
  • Edward: Coward!?
  • Edward: I guess...I am a coward...
  • Cecil: No, Edward.
  • Cecil: You are a kindhearted and brave man.
  • Yang: Indeed. Even when you were bedridden, you aided us with the song from your harp.
  • Yang: You are a trustworthy ally.
  • Irvine: Whoops! I guess I should've been clearer. That was just my first impression!
  • Faris: You seem about as delicate as you look, though.
  • Mog: But his courage is true, kupo! Without a doubt!
  • Mog: I want you to use that courage to help us save our worlds! Will you come with us, kupo?
  • Cecil: I hope you will, Edward.
  • Yang: Lend us your strength once again. Everyone here wishes it so!
  • Edward: Thank you...
  • Edward: If you insist, I will gladly join you on your journey.
Courageous Heart:

(Edward defeats a group of Skeletons)

  • Edward: ...That should do it. We can keep going now.

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Cecil: Thank you, Edward. You're as reliable as ever.
  • Rydia: I know! You're so different than the Edward back then.
  • Vivi: What do you mean?
  • Rydia: When we first met Edward, he had just lost someone very precious to him...
  • Rydia: He was always crying.
  • Rydia: And when we would fight, he would always hide from the enemy!
  • Edward: I would prefer you didn't speak of that...
  • Hope: I remember being just like that a long time ago.
  • Edward: I would like to hear about it...if you don't mind, that is.
  • Hope: I always pushed the responsibility onto someone else in a fight and only ever thought of running away...
  • Hope: But Lightning made me realize that nothing would change if I kept running.
  • Vivi: I was also afraid of fighting. Even now, I get scared sometimes...
  • Vivi: But when I'm with everyone, I understand... Not doing anything is even scarier.
  • Edward: I see... So I wasn't the only one who was weak at the start.
  • Firion: No one is born strong.
  • Firion: We become strong when we find a reason to fight or something to protect.
  • Cecil: Love for one's companions turns into extraordinary courage...
  • Cecil: You are proof of that. So you can hold your heads up high.
  • Edward: ...You're right. I became strong because of my friends.
  • Rydia: So no more hiding?
  • Edward: ...I think not. I want to protect everyone.
  • Vivi: ...I think you and I can get even stronger, Mr. Edward.
  • Vivi: Because I want to protect all of our friends, too.
  • Edward: I won't let you down. I will hold the courage you gave me in my heart!
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Love, the Melody of Courage Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

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Love, the Melody of Courage COSMOS[edit | edit source]

Love, the Melody of Courage COSMOS Co-op[edit | edit source]

Love, the Melody of Courage CHAOS[edit | edit source]

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the Japanese version, Edward's event was rerun in April 2020 as compensation for content delayed due to COVID-19.
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