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Queen Louveria Atkascha, also known as Queen Ruvelia, is a minor character from Final Fantasy Tactics. She does not make an appearance, but is relevant to the plot.


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Queen Louveria is Duke Larg's sister, and is his strongest benefactor and supporter. She was married to King Ondoria Atkascha III, and gave birth to three sons. The first two sons died soon after birth, leading to the adoption of King Ondoria's sister Princess Ovelia. Louveria gave birth to Prince Orinus, leading to complications about the throne's heir. After she ascends to power, the late King Ondoria's mother openly criticized her actions. Rumors persists that Louveria had the Queen Mother poisoned.

Plot for the Throne[]

A power-hungry individual, Queen Louveria made all the royal decisions since King Ondoria was never a fitting king to begin with. With the health of her husband waning, decisions had to be made over who was to be heir of the throne. Queen Louveria opted for Prince Orinus, but Princess Ovelia is the child of King Denamda IV, and thus also seen as a candidate to the throne.

Determined to get the support of the nobles, Duke Larg was chosen as Orinus's guardian; until the prince comes of age, Duke Larg would be his regent, and Queen Louveria would effectively "rule" as his adviser. The Queen wants any opposition to Orinus's throne ousted.

Chancellor Glevanne, an aide of Duke Goltanna, secretly defected to Duke Larg's side and devised a plan to ensure Larg has his hold to the throne. Since Larg and Louveria wanted Ovelia dead, Glevanne proposed a kidnapping and execution of the princess. Knights of the Order of the Northern Sky would disguise themselves as Duke Goltanna's Order of the Southern Sky knights to make it seem that Duke Goltanna had ordered the kidnapping, reining in the support of the nobles to their side.

Delita, one of the Order of the Northern Sky at this time, is be part of the kidnappers; while the princess's bodyguard Agrias and the mercenaries Gaffgarion and Ramza fight off the kidnappers in front, Delita would take her through the back.

The Plot Foiled[]

Delita takes the princess away to Goltanna, and exposes Chancellor Glevanne and his plans to the Duke. Glevanne is executed and Delita ascended the ranks. Goltanna accuses Louveria of being part of the plan, though the Queen denies it.

At the behest of Delita, Goltanna leads his troops to storm the Royal City of Lesalia, capturing Queen Louveria. She is brought to Fort Besselat and imprisoned. Duke Larg claims Prince Orinus's right to the throne, while Goltanna insists that Princess Ovelia is the heir, erupting the War of the Lions.

The Order of the Northern Sky fights the Order of the Southern Sky at Fort Besselat to attempt a rescue, but no success is reported. Her fate remains unknown, however she keeps aging in her character file, and is thus probably alive.

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