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Prevents Silence.


Loudmouth is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for mages. It prevents Silence from taking effect for the cost of 4 Magic Stones.


Loudmouth is learned from Mage's Hat, Golden Hairpin, Silk Robe, White Robe, and Pearl Rouge for variable amounts of AP; Eiko learns it the fastest at 15 AP, while Vivi learns it the slowest at 40 AP. Equipping multiple equipment pieces that all teach Loudmouth at once, masters the ability faster.

An easy early source of Loudmouth is from the Silk Robe, rewarded for catching 9 frogs and found in Cleyra's Trunk: the player must first recruit Quina and reach the settlement up top and watch the ATEs "No Yummy-Yummies!" and "There A Mushroom!", head to the antlion's pit located to the right of the town entrance, and Zidane will jump in after Quina, landing by the two chests farther down the trunk where the robe and Magician Shoes can be picked up.

Pearl Rouge is first sold in Treno Auction House, but the player may not have the funds for everything available there when visited with Princess Garnet and Captain Steiner. Mage's Hat for everyone is first bought in Cleyra. The Golden Hairpin is later found in Mount Gulug and stolen from Meltigemini.


With Loudmouth, the character will be immune to silencing abilities, a debilitating ailment for mages. It is good to equip in the Desert Palace, and when fighting Friendly Yan, Quale, and the final boss. Loudmouth would also be good against Gizamaluke, but to get it this early the player will need to catch nine frogs from the nearby marsh, and not enough will spawn in one go. Loudmouth is also helpful in battles against Mandragoras, Nymphs, Gimme Cats, and Abomination.

Silence persists after battle (Eiko with her Guardian Mog is an exception); equipping Loudmouth onto a character who already has an ailment does not cure it.