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Lou Lupus (ルー・ルプス, Rū Rupusu?) is a minor character of Final Fantasy: Unlimited. She is a werewolf, as per her race, but unlike the werewolves of Earthen folklore, they transform, not at full moons, but by looking into the eyes of a member of their race, either another's or their own via mirror.


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Before the start of the series she lived amongst her own kind in their homeworld. However it was destroyed by Omega, seemingly leaving her as the only survivor. Some time after this she discovered the Interdimensional Train, and began riding it to various locations.

It is here that she meets the twins Ai and Yu Hayakawa, and quickly befriends them, just before Omega attacks the traveling train. In an effort to defend herself she transforms into her wolf form, but her powers have no effect on the great beast. The children's cries cause Kaze to defeat the beast and save them. This causes Lou to become infatuated with him, but he does not return this feeling.

She departs from the party after Kaze vanished after fighting Oscha, in Oscha: The Endless Project, resolving to find him so they can stay together forever. Though she fails to do so, she does arrive at Teros, were she obtains a cape of flight water so that she can search for Kaze for the sky.

After reuniting with the protagonists she is split from them after the submarine, Jane, is destroyed by Chaos. She survives and uses her new found flight abilities to infiltrate Gaudium and free Kaze, Lisa and Makenshi from the Hug-hugs vines, and Ai and Yu from Earl Tyrant's machine.

With the last of her strength she used her life force to transform her soil into a single soil bullet for Kaze to use; Tear(s of the) Rainbow. This allows him to summon the ultimate summon; Gun dragon.

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Lou is the shortened form of the name Louis. Louis is the French form of the Germanic given name Chlodowech (Modern German: Ludwig) and one of two English forms, the other being Lewis. The Germanic name is composed of the words for "fame" (hlūd) and "warrior" (wīg), which may be translated to "famous warrior" or "famous in battle".

The gray wolf's binomial name is Canis lupus. Lupus is Latin for "wolf" and it is a loanword of Greek in origin, and may either be derived from λεοποσ (leopos), meaning "lion-footed," or from λουκᾶς (loukas), meaning "light."