The rooftops of Lostime.

Lostime (時忘れの街, Toki Wasure no Machi?, lit. the Town of Forgotten Time) is the main setting in Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. It is a town and capital in the center of the realm of Memoria. The game's protagonists Chocobo and Cid stumbled into this town after meeting Irma and Volg at the Tower of Sands.

The town is located next to a beautiful lake, with a clock tower built at the town square facing the shores. The bell of the clock tower, known as the Bell of Oblivion, has the power to erase the bad memories and aggressive behavior within the townspeople's minds upon ringing. However, the bell also erases even important memories from the townsfolk, who began to believe that forgetting is the key to happiness. Lostime is governed by Mayor Gale, who wishes for everyone to live happily and has done everything he can to ensure life could go on without conflicts in the town. However, there are individuals who oppose such a belief, such as Shirma and her aunt Stella, who live faraway at the outskirts of Lostime.

Notably, the Guardian Beasts' locations are in this town: Phoenix in the mines, Leviathan at Levia Point, and Alexander at the clock tower. Alexander is the guardian of the Bell of Oblivion as well as the Light Crystal.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Fifty years ago, the land of Memoria lived in harmony under the safety of its four crystals and their Guardians. This peace shattered one night when the Guardian of the Dark went berserk and attacked the town. With the city in flames, the townspeople have no choice but to call on the remaining Guardians. The three oracles, Freja, Meja, and Shirma complied and prayed to the crystals. In return, the Guardians sealed the Destroyer away and created the Bell of Oblivion to ease the minds of the people. In the end, all of Memoria was sealed off from the world.

Years later, treasure hunters Cid and Chocobo were transported to Lostime through Timeless Power. On the same night as their arrival, a mysterious egg falls from the sky, hatching into a baby boy named Raffaello. Slowly, they would restore the memories of the people, unaware of making them remember the incident.

While under the influence of the curse, the oracles forget who they are, causing problems in town connected to their element. When Freja forgot she was the Oracle of Fire, the town's energy supply, fire, had gone out. The town's groundwater became impotable as a result of the amnesia that Meja, the Oracle of Water, suffered from. Day suddenly became endless night as a result of Shirma forgetting her identity as the Oracle of Light.

After the Destroyer is defeated, the barrier keeping Lostime from the world is dissolved. To commemorate the new beginning, the town has been renamed Foundtime.

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Music[edit | edit source]

Lostime has two main themes, each for day and night. The day theme is an arrangement of "Tarutaru Male" from Final Fantasy XI while the night theme is an arrangement of "Epitaph" from Final Fantasy VI.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[edit | edit source]

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Non-Final Fantasy appearances[edit | edit source]

Lostime in Virtual World.

Virtual World[edit | edit source]

Lostime serves as the central hub for Square Enix's Virtual World Alpha version. Users can also interact with Chocobo at Dardola's Cafe just like in the game. However, the suburbs, road to Stella's Ranch, and mines are blocked off by ad posters. Announcements for upcoming releases are held in the church.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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