Ramza and his party face Barich and several powerful monsters.

The Lost Halidom, also known as the Lost Sacred Precincts (失われた聖域, Ushinawareta Sei'iki?), are located in the Necrohol of Mullonde in Final Fantasy Tactics. Here Ramza fights Barich Fendsor, who has been brought back to life by the Lucavi to slow Ramza down. Ramza fights his way through the demons and kills Barich again, then moves on to defeat Ultima in the Airship Graveyard.

Battle information[edit | edit source]

Lost Halidom[edit | edit source]

Lost Halidom
Front view:
Lost Sacred Precincts 1.png
Back view:
Lost Sacred Precincts 3.png
Side view:
Lost Sacred Precincts 2.png
Back side view:
Lost Sacred Precincts 4.png
Overhead grid:
Lost Sacred Precincts OH.png
Additional info -Like Mustadio, Barich is a Machinist, so he can use "Aim" abilities.
-One-time battle.
Conditions Defeat Barich
Weather Sunny
Enemy level Average: 51 Recommended level 54 - 56
Team capacity Team 1: 2 + Ramza
Team 2: 2
Number of teams 2
Battle Trophies None Hidden items
  • (2,8),(4,11),(5,0),(7,6): Elixir
  • Blaster (steal from Barich)
  • Blaze Gun (steal from Chemist)
Terrain Flagstone, Wooden Floor, Coffer, Roof, Darkness, Barrier Geomancy Contortion, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Wind Blast

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Halidom is a Middle English term signifying a sanctuary or relic of religious value.

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