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The Lost Emperor is a field boss in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, found in the Snowfields. It can also be summoned in the Chocobo circuit by fusing a Lich with two Bloodbones.

Each form possesses unique rewards, so it is best to fight it multiple times.

Battle[edit | edit source]

The Lost Emperor is the strongest of the three Fusion-type monsters.

Unlike the Legion and Gashadokuro, it has three forms:

The Dead Rider Mode

The easiest but most annoying form. Its basic structure consist of the Bloodbones reshaped into a motorcycle for the Lich to ride on, using its crown as the handlebars. It will spend the entire battle running at the player making it hard to get a lock on it or throw projectiles at it. It is possible to make it crash into a wall, dealing massive damage, by positioning oneself near a wall and waiting for it to try and run over, then lock on it and kinetically push it sideways towards the wall.

The Bone Tree

This one is an immobile spell-casting tree with purple face-shaped fruits growing from its branches. In this mode the Lost Emperor will be shooting multiple energy blast from its fruits while gathering energy in its core to cast the Lich's Wall Spell, repetitively forcing the player to stay in range of its energy blast. The player can get rid of the fruits by shaking the tree sideways giving some breading time to prepare an attack. If one shakes them all off the tree it will make the the Lost Emperor cast Self-Destruct, creating a powerful explosion which deals heavy damage if caught in the explosion. It is recommended to use this against it while outside of the Wall's Spell energy field.

The Swordsman Mode

This form is Legion-like and battles much like Legion using similar physical attack patterns with Sword Stab and Blade Dance. Unlike Legion the Shadow Flare attack is combined with the Wall Spell to create a new Shadow Wall projectile, which charges and launches just like a Shadow Flare, but when it detonates it generates a wall of energy which can damage the player if touched forcing one to stay inside or outside the circle of energy. Using Body Slam to stun it won't work since it will just switch it into its Dead Rider Mode, so it's best to focus in the use of the projectiles to take it down.

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