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The Lost Continent is the northernmost continent on the world map of Gaia in Final Fantasy IX.

Characterized by a cold climate and soaring mountains, the Lost Continent's settlements are few, with the only village being Esto Gaza, a holy town pilgrims visit. Mount Gulug and the Fire Shrine are volcanic areas, and are the only other locations on the mainland.

The Mitmakis Ice Field is the name given to the hills of snow surrounding these three locations. The Lost Continent is accessible by beach along its southern edge with the Blue Narciss or an ocean-crossing Choco. The Hilda Garde III can land on the grass areas and the Invincible can land on the snow or grass. The Shimmering Island lies to the south.


Lost continent crack.png

The island has three treasure troves discovered with Choco as part of the Chocobo Hot and Cold sidequest: Cold Field, Cold Lagoon, and the mountain crack opened with using a Dead Pepper on Choco in front of it.


The friendly Feather Circle may appear as part of the friendly monsters sidequest, and the Ragtime Mouse can appear in forests. Though the chart below includes encounters from "disc 1", in a normal playthrough, the player cannot come here until they have the Blue Narciss (disc 3).

The Lost Continent overworld areas FFIXWorldMapPlaces are called Ryuki Shores, Quelmiera Shores, Mitmakis Ice Field, Gulug Mountains, Canaramist Cape, and Seatence Ice Field. As the smallest continent, all areas traversable on foot have the same enemy encounters, depending on the terrain.

Enemies Frequency AP
Dirt Disc 1–3:
Blazer Beetle 20% 1
Blazer Beetle x2 30% 2
Vepal x2 25% 2
Vepal x3 25% 3
Disc 4:
Dracozombie 50% 3
Hecteyes 50% 3
Snow Disc 1–3: (After Friendly)
Blazer Beetle 8.8% (13.8%) 1
Blazer Beetle x2 13.2% (20.7%) 2
Vepal x2 18.75% 2
Vepal x3 18.75% 3
Feather Circle x3 14% 3
Feather Circle x4 14% 3
Friendly Feather Circle 12.5% (0%) 30
Disc 4: (After Friendly)
Vepal x2 11% (17.25%) 2
Vepal x3 11% (17.25%) 3
Feather Circle x3 14% 3
Feather Circle x4 14% 3
Mistodon 15% 2
Zombie x3 22.5% 3
Friendly Feather Circle 12.5% (0%) 30
Beach Disc 1–4:
Gigan Octopus 50% 3
Whale Zombie 50% 3
Forest Disc 1–3:
Blazer Beetle 12.5% 1
Blazer Beetle x2 12.5% 2
Vepal x2 25% 2
Vepal x3 25% 3
Troll 12.5% 1
Troll x2 12.5% 2
Disc 4:
Malboro 40% 3
Dracozombie 30% 3
Hecteyes 30% 3