The Lost City of Amdapor is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. It is an abandoned city located in the Black Shroud area.


In the Fifth Astral Era, Amdapor was a prominent City-State that developed the art of white magic in response to the newly created black magic art. Eventually, the War of the Magi broke out, and it is said Amdapor's enemies summoned a great demon that would eventually be sealed within the city. In the wake of the Sixth Umbral Era, the ruins of the city would be forgotten within the depths of the Twelveswood until it was rediscovered following the Calamity.


  • Darklight equipment and accessories


  • Demonstool
  • Wamoura
  • Wamouracampa
  • Gremlin
  • Ruins Dross
  • Madmite
  • Mold Colony
  • Hecteyes
  • Gadfly
  • Ranch Wamoura
  • Allotaur
  • Baalzephon
  • Dastardly Devilet
  • Dirty Eye
  • White Magestone
  • Decaying Gourmand (Boss)
  • Arioch (Boss)
  • Diabolos (Boss)

Musical themes

The Scars of Battle is played on the background during the dungeon.

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