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Entrance to Lorim.

Welcome to Lorim!

Lorim citizen

Lorim (ロリマー城, Rorimaa Shiro?, lit. Lorimar Castle) is a town in Final Fantasy Adventure.


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Lorim stands south of the snowfield. It was attacked by Julius and Cibba arrived to help, but was trapped behind a frozen door.

Sumo and Chocobo arrive at Lorim, finding everyone but the king is frozen. The king mentions that Julius summoned monsters into the world, and the monster named Kary froze the townsfolk.. Thus, Sumo and Chocobot head out to the Cara Mountain Range.

After Kary's defeat, Sumo picks up Chocobot along the way back to Lorim. Sumo meets Cibba, who gives him a key to open the cave in the Floatrocks up the river near Ammonite Coast. After claiming the legendary sword from the guardian monster, Cibba tells Sumo he'll finish his story.

Sumo returns with the rusted sword, and Cibba tells him that the only thing left to do is to reveal the Dime Tower in the Desert of Crystal. Sumo asks him how, and Cibba replies that he should use the sword in the Cave of Ruins. Sumo is surprised to hear that the rusty sword contains such great power. Cibba tells him that the legendary sword only shows its real power when it approves of its wielder, stating that if he's a real Knight of Gemma it will help him. Before Sumo leaves, Cibba gives him directions to the Cave of Ruins, located in the desert near Ish, and further mentions that Dr. Bowow knows it well.

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  • The player can kill the NPCs found within the town, but they have lot of HP and they do not yield the player any experience points or GP. Since NPCs can be hit, this can be used to "push" them out of the player's way and allow Sumo to pass through if they are blocking the way.