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Strago's Lore abilities.

Lore (おぼえたわざ, Oboeta Waza?, lit. Memorized Technique) is Strago's ability in Final Fantasy VI and the game's form of Blue Magic. Learning all Lores in the mobile/Steam version earns the An Uncommon Wizard achievement.

Mechanics Edit

Strago learns different Lores by seeing an enemy use the ability (or, in some cases, seeing Gau, Relm, or Gogo use it with either the Rage or Sketch abilities) and by surviving the battle. Unlike in other Final Fantasy games, he does not have to be hit with the spell to learn it; he just has to "see" it be cast, and as such, cannot learn a Lore when he is afflicted with KO, Petrify, Zombie, Blind, Sleep, Confuse, Berserk, Stop, Hidden, Freeze, or Rage at the time the Lore is used. All Lores are magical. The optional character Gogo may also use the Lore command, but is unable to learn new Lores.

List of Lores Edit

In the PlayStation version, enemies that can use a Lore spell are referred to as Lore users within the Bonus menu. As such, all Lore users will be documented, regardless of Strago initially knowing Aqua Breath, Revenge Blast, and Stone. These enemies can be re-encountered on the Veldt only if they were fought once before. In the Game Boy Advance/mobile/Steam versions, all enemies can be fought in the Soul Shrine. One Lore can be permanently missed on SNES/PS versions. Enemies listed don't necessarily use the Lores in their normal attack script; sometimes the Lores will only show up in their Rage, Sketch, Control, Confused, or Enticed scripts. See individual enemy pages to find out if they appear in these other scripts.

Ability MP Users Power Hit Rate Image
20 Ahriman, Alluring Rider, Dark Force, Death Warden, Kaiser Dragon, Nelapa, Plague, Rest, Skull Dragon (first), Still Life, Yojimbo, Zombie Dragon FFVI IOS Still Life
Inflicts Doom status on target.
Dooms an enemy to be KO'd in twenty seconds.
Roulette 10 Armodullahan, Ahriman, Alluring Rider, Dark Force, Nelapa, Onion Knight, Plague FFVI Lore Roulette
Randomly select a single enemy or party member, including caster, and inflict Death on them.
Spins a roulette wheel that KO's the enemy or ally on which it stops.
30 Blue Dragon (both), Dark Force, Enuo, Kaiser Dragon, Leviathan, Master Tonberry, Omega Weapon, Ultima Buster 50 150 FFVI Android Tsunami
Deals Water-elemental damage to all enemies.
Deluges enemies with a powerful tidal wave.
Aqua Breath
(Aqua Rake)
22 Actinian, Anguiform, Blue Dragon (both), Chimera, Dark Force, Enuo, Gorgimera, Kaiser Dragon, Leviathan, Maximera, Gilgamesh, Number 024, Suriander, Ultros (Esper Caves), Vector Chimera 71 150 FFVI Android Aqua Breath
Deals Water and Wind-elemental damage on all enemies.
Engulfs enemies in a stream of bubbles, dealing both wind and water damage.
Aero 41 Dark Force, Deathgaze, Demon, Gilgamesh, Gorgimera, Kaiser Dragon, Magic Dragon, Marchosias, Omega Weapon, Sprinter, Storm Dragon (both), Tyrannosaur, Vasegiatta 125 150 FFVI Android Aero
Deals Wind-elemental damage on all enemies.
Creates a crushing gravitational vortex around enemies.
1000 Needles
(Blow Fish)
50 Angler Whelk (shell), Brainpan, Cactuar, Dark Force, Face, Gigantuar, Gilgamesh, Humbaba (all four), Mover, Samurai Soul FFVI Android 1000 Needles
Deals exactly 1000 damage on single target. Ignores defense.
Shoots tiny needles at an enemy, dealing 1000 damage.
Mighty Guard
(Big Guard)
80 Dark Behemoth, Guardian (Kefka's Tower), Land Ray, Mover FFVI iOS Mighty Guard
Casts Protect and Shell to the party.
Casts Protect and Shell on all allies.
Revenge Blast
31 Dark Force, Dragon, Garm, Gigantos, Gilgamesh, Glasya Labolas, Kaiser Dragon, Pandora FFVI iOS Revenge Blast
Deals damage on a single enemy equal to caster's maximum HP minus their current HP.
Deals damage to an enemy equal to the caster's current amount of HP loss.
White Wind
(Pearl Wind)
45 Curlax, Dark Force, Kamui, Lady, Magic Dragon, Marchosias, Neslug, Peeper, Sprinter, Storm Dragon (first), Vector Lythos, Venobennu FFVI Android White Wind
Heals all party members including caster an amount of HP equal to caster's HP.
Restores all allies' HP by an amount equal to the caster's current HP.
Lv.5 Death
(L.5 Doom)
22 Armodullahan, Apocrypha, Daedalus, Dark Force, Death Machine, Deathgaze, Devil, Duel Armor, Omega Weapon, Skull Dragon (second), Trapper 5 FFVI Android Lv 5 Death
Inflict Death on all enemies with a level that is a multiple of 5. See here for a list of enemies that can be killed by it.
Casts Death on enemies whose levels are divisible by 5.
Lv.4 Flare
(L.4 Flare)
42 Apocrypha, Dark Force, Devil, Duel Armor, Magic Dragon, Magna Roader (Brown), Omega Weapon, Red Dragon (first), Trapper 4 FFVI iOS Lv4 Flare
Inflict non-elemental damage on all enemies with a level that is a multiple of 4.
Casts Flare on enemies whose levels are divisible by 4.
Lv.3 Confuse
(L.3 Muddle)
28 Apocrypha, Dante, Dark Force, Devil, Magic Dragon, Omega Weapon, Trapper, Ultros (Opera House) 3 FFVI Android Lv 3 Confuse
Inflict Confuse on all enemies with a level that is a multiple of 3.
Casts Confuse on enemies whose levels are divisible by 3.
Reflect??? 0 Dark Force, Daedalus, Dullahan, Kaiser Dragon, Zurvan FFVI Lore Reflect Triple Question Mark
Inflicts Blind, Slow, and Silence on all enemies with Reflect status.
Inflicts various status ailments on enemies protected by Reflect.
Lv.? Holy
(L.? Pearl)
50 Alluring Rider, Dark Force, Dullahan, InnoSent, Kaiser Dragon, Magic Dragon, Omega Weapon, Red Dragon (first) 120 FFVI Android Level ? Holy
Deals Holy-elemental damage on all enemies with a level that is a multiple of last digit of the party's current gil.
Casts Holy on enemies whose levels are divisible by ?.
(Step Mine)
Varies (MP cost is elapsed playtime divided by 30) Brachiosaur, Crawler, Dark Force, Fafnir, Intangir, Master Tonberry, Onion Dasher, Tonberry, Unseelie FFVI Lore Traveler
Deals damage on target equal to number of steps taken throughout the game divided by thirty-two. The MP cost for character casters is (total minutes played) / 30 , and for enemy casters is 1.
Deals damage to an enemy equal to 1/32 of the party's total steps taken.
Force Field
24 Fiend FFVI Android Force Field
Chooses a random element and nullifies all attacks of that element, regardless of user. Attacks with more than one element are unaffected, unless all the attack's elements are nullified.
Constructs a magic barrier that negates damage of a random element.
Dischord 68 Chaser, Crawler, Dark Force, Figaro Lizard, Gamma, Gilgamesh, Kefka (Sealed Gate), Lizard, Metal Hitman, Omega Weapon, Satellite 100 Ff6dischord
Halves target's level, reducing its stats. Fails on targets immune to Death.
Unleashes sound waves of a special frequency that halve an enemy's level.
Bad Breath
(Sour Mouth)
32 Dark Force, Great Malboro, Malboro, Malboro Menace 100 FFVI Lore Bad Breath
Inflicts Blind, Poison, Imp, Confuse, Sleep, and Silence on one target.
Spews foul breath that inflicts various status ailments on enemies.
(Pep Up)
1 Intangir, Junk, Mousse FFVI Android Transfusion
Caster is removed from battle, restores a single ally to full HP and MP and cures all status ailments.
Fully heals an ally at the cost of the caster's own life and all MP.
Rippler 66 Blue Dragon (both), Dark Force, Gigantoad, Leap Frog 111 FFVI Android Rippler
Target and caster exchange all positive and negative statuses. Fails on targets immune to Imp. Cause of the Rippler bug.
Exchanges an enemy's status effects with those of the caster.
Stone 22 Dark Force, Gilgamesh, Guardian (Kefka's Tower), Iron Fist, Knotty, Purusa, Ultros (Esper Caves), Valeor, Zaghrem 40 75 FFVI Android Stone
Deals non-elemental damage and Confuse on one or more targets. Deals eight times as much damage on targets the same level as the caster.
Throws stones at enemies, dealing damage and inflicting confusion.
Quasar 50 Dark Force, Gilgamesh, Goddess 57 FFVI Android Quasar
Deals non-elemental damage on all enemies. Ignores defense.
Calls down debris from outer space, dealing massive damage to all enemies.
Grand Delta
64 Hidon, Omega Weapon 84 FFVI Lore Grand Delta
Deals non-elemental damage on all enemies. Ignores defense.
Creates a triangular energy field that deals massive damage to all enemies.
1 Balloon, Bandit, Bomb, Dark Force, Gamma, Grenade, Junk, Onion Knight, Wartpuck FFVI Android Self-Destruct
Caster kills self and inflicts non-elemental damage equal to their HP on a single enemy.
Deals damage to an enemy at the cost of the caster's own life.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

Strago uses some of his Lores.

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Etymology Edit

Lore refers to a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.

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