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The Lordly Robes is the ultimate mystic armor in Final Fantasy XII that boosts the wearer's Defense by 61 (Zodiac) or 40 (original), Magick Power by 15, and—unusually for a mystic armor piece—Strength by 5. In the Zodiac versions, it also gives 100 MP.



In the original PlayStation 2 version, the Lordly Robes is found as a treasure in Henne Mines' Special Charter Shaft (40% chance to appear, 45% chance for gil, 50% chance the item treasure is the Lordly Robes without the Diamond Armlet equipped Map 15 Henne Mines). It can also be found in Subterra Abyssal - North. Map 34 Pharos Subterra It has a 45% chance to appear. Without the Diamond Armlet, it is the Lordly Robes, but with it, it is a Dark Matter or a Knot of Rust. The chest does not respawn.


In the updated Zodiac versions, the Lordly Robes is not sold in shops, but sells for 10,000 gil. It is a treasure in Henne Mines' Special Charter Shaft (always appears), and in Cerobi Steppe's The Northsward (20% chance to appear, 80% chance for gil, 5% chance the item treasure is the Lordly Robes with the Diamond Armlet equipped). It is also the rare steal from Ultima in Trial Mode Stage 95 and from Zodiark in Stage 97.

It can also be obtained through the Hunt Club quest on the Phon Coast by giving Blok 25 Rare Game trophies, and Atak and Stok one each; the robes can then be bought from the Shifty-Eyed Merchant's store nearby for 132,000 gil.


Lordly Robes is the ultimate mystic armor, giving 61 or 40 Defense depending on version, 15 Magick Power, and 5 Strength, as well as 100 MP in the Zodiac versions. Mystic armor offer magick-related bonuses that affect all types of magickal actions, from casting black magick to damage an enemy, to casting white magick to heal the party. Magick Power is also a factor when determining damage dealt by katana, staves, and maces. The Strength bonus affects damage for anyone who attacks physically that doesn't use the gun damage formula.

In the Zodiac versions, White Mage, Red Battlemage, Black Mage, and Bushi can equip it, and so the Lordly Robes is only useful to look for if the player has chosen any of these License Boards for their party. In The Zodiac Age versions, after fighting Belias the player can choose two License Boards per party member; it is usually a good idea to pair jobs that use two different types of armor for versatility.

The Lordly Robes is a good endgame equipment piece for a spellcaster, however, it can be harder to get than the preceding Glimmering Robes, which offer only slightly less Magick Power and Defense. In the Zodiac versions, the Glimmering Robes also give more MP. The Lordly Robes's small Strength increase can be useful for White and Red Mages using greatswords, or for the Bushi wielding a katana. However, Red Battlemage and Bushi can also unlock some high-tier heavy armor with Espers that are better at elevating damage. The Black Mage, meanwhile, has little use for the Strength stat on their board, and Lordly Robes is their best armor as it gives the best Magick Power boost. Magick Power caps at 99, however, so they may already reach it with a lower tier mystic armor.