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Lord Mi'ihen is an ancient character from the Final Fantasy X saga. He was the founder of the Crusaders (originally called the Crimson Blades), and was branded as a traitor to Yevon by the church government. He walked down what would eventually become known as the Mi'ihen Highroad to Bevelle to stand trial.

He was able to convince the clergy that he was doing good, and Yevon brought the Crimson Blades under clergy control. It was during this time that the Yevon clergy decided to change the Crimson Blades to the Crusaders therefore signifying their new-found control over the massive group.

800 years prior to Final Fantasy X, Lord Mi'ihen founded the Monster Arena as a training facility for the Crusaders.[1]

Lord Mi'ihen was created by Yusuke Naora as he wanted to give a bit of history to the Mi'ihen Highroad, and so without consulting with anyone, he drew Mi'ihen as the hero of the past.[2]



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