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If I am fated to die here, then I'll take you with me! Glory be to the Niflheim Empire!

Loqi during Assassin's Festival boss battle

Loqi Tummelt is a minor antagonist in Final Fantasy XV. He was the main antagonist in Final Fantasy XV: Assassin's Festival, a free DLC event. He is a brigadier general for Niflheim and commands a unique magitek armor. He reports to High Commander Ravus Nox Fleuret.[2]


Brash, young commander in the empire's infantry, and pilot of the MA-X Cuirass. Despite his lack of field experience, Loqi proved his proficiency during combat simulations and quickly rose through the ranks. He took great pride in his imperial heritage and looks down upon all others born outside of Niflheim as "savages." While Loqi considers the decorated Lucian marshal Cor Leonis his self-professed rival, the marshal spares nary a thought for his imperial counterpart.



Loqi has blond hair and wears the same black and red imperial general's armor as Caligo Ulldor, albeit with the red and gold banner with his crest over the other shoulder, likely due to his left-handedness. The crest on his attire is also displayed on the flags magitek infantrymen carry across Lucis, and draped across occupied Lucian outposts.


As arrogant as he is skilled in his profession, Loqi takes pride in his imperial heritage, deeming anyone outside the empire a savage. He is brash and quick to engage enemies personally.

Loqi holds grudges against his enemies. He hates Cor Leonis, a Lucian marshal he considers a rival. After losing to Prince Noctis, Loqi begins to begrudge him as well, and seeks to hunt him down. Loqi believes the empire is the highest force for good in the world, and holds Noctis personally responsible for the war between Niflheim and Lucis. Unlike some other high-ranking imperials who prioritize their personal schemes over the "good of the empire", Loqi seems to genuinely love his homeland and is willing to put his life on the line for it.


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Can't you see? You're the one who has cast this world into chaos and conflict! And today, you shall pay for your transgressions—with your life! What is a king without a country? You're not a sovereign; you are a slave to the empire!

Loqi during his battle in Assassin's Festival

Loqi grew up in a military family often hearing the name of Cor "The Immortal" and began to see him as his rival, making defeating him his goal. [3] Loqi confronts Noctis and Cor when the two infiltrate the Norduscaen Blockade. Intent on killing Cor, the brigadier general battles them from inside a large suit of magitek armor. Loqi is defeated, and Noctis continues on his journey. Though his magitek armor was destroyed, several reserve units are kept in storage for Loqi to replace it.

Loqi and his MTs in Lestallum.

Loqi heads to Lestallum during the Assassin's Festival to catch Noctis. Loqi and the magitek troopers he commands take over the town and imprison Holly Teulle, the head engineer of the EXINERIS power plant. The plan is to lure Noctis out, and they deploy the Wallbreaker Wave to cut Noctis from the power of kings, believing it would render him harmless. Cindy Aurum asks Noctis and his friends to free Holly, and they ambush Loqi and defeat his magitek armor yet again while Cindy dismantles the device that projects the Wallbreaker Wave.

At Formouth Garrison, Loqi teams up with Caligo Ulldor in an attempt to exact revenge on Noctis and his friends, but is again defeated.

Loqi entrusts Solara to Aranea.

As told in Final Fantasy XV -The Dawn of the Future-, the imperial capital falls under attack by a rogue Diamond Weapon and Emperor Aldercapt is dying. Loqi is transporting an eight-year-old girl in his magitek armor on a top secret mission from the emperor himself when he runs into Aranea Highwind.[4] Ardyn Izunia had broadcast the emperor's death for all to hear, and the empire has fallen to daemons. Loqi is dismayed over the fate of his homeland and entrusts the girl to Aranea, thankful in the knowledge she will get her out of Gralea. Loqi stays to hold back a horde of daemons so that Aranea and the girl can escape, yelling out "Glory to the empire!".

One of the unique magitek armors Loqi pilots (the MA-X Cuirass) is later among the troops that follow Aranea in Tenebrae.

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Loqi's MA in Assassin's Fest.

Loqi, in his magitek armor, is fought as a boss in both the main game and in the Assassin's Festival DLC event. In the main game his MA is MA-X Cuirass. In the Assassin's Festival he pilots an MA Hoplomachus.

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Loqi is derived from either the Latin verb Loqui, which means "To speak", and/or the English word Loquacious, which can mean "Excessively talkative" or "Given to fluent speech". Loqi is also a wordplay on Loki, who is a cunning trickster god that was responsible for causing Ragnarok and was later killed during it in Norse Mythology, which is where the Niflheim Empire also gets its name from.

Tummelt is derived from the English words Tumult and/or Tumultuous, which can mean "Agitation of a crowd, usually with an uproar; A Violent outburst" or "Marked by tumult; Loud, excited, and emotional". Tummelt may also be derived from the German word tummeln, which means "Cavort; Romp, frolic".