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Loot in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift are special items obtained after defeating enemies or completing a mission. Each enemy will drop a piece of loot when KO'd, but a Thief may also steal additional loot from a target and the Hunter ability Hunting can give two loot per kill.

Loot can be sold for gil or may be brought to the Bazaar to create new equipment. Each loot item has a rank, ranging from A, the highest, to E, the lowest. Only Loot with the same ranks may be crafted into an item at the Bazaar.

List of lootEdit

Loot is separated into eight classes: magicite, metals, skins, bones, flora, timber, philtres, and cloth. An item crafted from the Bazaar will never use more than one piece of loot from the same class.

FFTA2 Magicite Icon


Loot Sell Items Crafted Source
Earthwyrm Crystal

FFTA2 Earthwyrm Crystal

3000 Adamant Armor, Germinas Boots Loar Airships Grounded
Legends says that a great spirit of the earth lies trapped inside this crystal. Peer within, and you will see nothing but endlessly swirling sand.
Windgod Crystal

FFTA2 Windgod Crystal

3000 Windsong Rapier, Morning Star, Feathered Boots, Galmia Shoes Strong Lady, Show of Strength
Legends says that a great spirit of the wind lies trapped inside this crystal. Put your ear to it, and you will hear the howling of an endless gale.
Waterwyrd Crystal

FFTA2 Waterwyrd Crystal

3000 Estrella, Gleisburst, Life Crosier Starstruck, An Unseen Foe, Foodstuffs: Appearance, Champions' Cup
Legends says that a great spirit of the water lies trapped inside this crystal. Hold it in your hand, and you will feel a raging current swirl within.
Firebird Crystal

FFTA2 Firebird Crystal

3000 Ayvuir Red, Soulsaber, Femme Fatale Where Could He Be?, Hunted, Survey No. 260
Legends says that a great spirit of the fire lies trapped inside this crystal. Touch it, and you will feel the heat of the blaze within.
Snowcat Crystal

FFTA2 Snowcat Crystal

3000 Madu, Last Letter A Dashing Duel, Caravan Cry, Wanted: Assistant
Legends says that a great spirit of the ice lies trapped inside this crystal. Turn it upside down and watch snow form a blizzard within.
Stormsoul Crystal

FFTA2 Stormsoul Crystal

3000 Magick Hands, Judicer's Coat, Gaius Caligae Wanted: Sky Pirate Vaan, Graszton Nightwatch, Unplumbed Depths
Legends says that a great spirit of the storm lies trapped inside this crystal. Violent flashes of lightning arc through its depths.
Lightwing Crystal

FFTA2 Lightwing Crystal

5000 The Fallen Angel, Ama-no-murakumo, Zanmato, Nirvana, Seventh Heaven, Zeus Mace, White Hat, Ever Robe, Angel Ring Gifted, The Five Kings, Vigilante Debut, Death Match II, To Whom Gods Bow, Wanted: Woodcutter
Legends says that a holy spirit lies trapped inside this crystal. Gentle light flickers from deep within.
Darklord Crystal

FFTA2 Darklord Crystal

5000 Ebon Blade, Diabolique, Heretic Rod, Death Claws, Black Hat, Magick Robe Survey No. 259, Wish Upon a Star
Legends says that a great spirit of darkness lies trapped inside this crystal. Do not look upon the pulsating shadow within overlong.
High Arcana

FFTA2 High Arcana

6000 Excalibur, Tournesol, Rhomphaia, Staff of the Magi, Minerva Bustier, Lordly Robe, Sage's Robe The Storage Shed, Past Burdens, Wanted: The Mutadragons, Meeting the Quota, Fluorgis Nightwatch, A Bride for Montblanc
This gemstone contains the soul of a monster. Another arcana gem can be seen within it.
Mind Ceffyl

FFTA Mind Ceffyl

1800 Colichemarde, Lilith Rod, Serpent Staff, Esztam Baton, Artemis Bow, Golden Skullcap, Mirage Vest, White Robe, Black Robe, Samite Coat, Magick Ring Flown the Coop, Duelhorn, Monster Poaching, The Forgotten Places
This crystal is suffused with raw knowledge. The entire world can be seen in the swirling mists within it.
Body Ceffyl

FFTA Body Ceffyl

1800 Adamant Blade, Ragnarok, Gupti Aga, Kotetsu, Force Rod, Crown Scepter, Gokuu Pole. Fortune Ring, Ruby Earring Banbangaa!, The Show's Not Over..., The Nu Mou Nobles
This crystal is suffused with raw power. Said to fulfill the wishes of its owner.
Wind Sigil

FFTA Wind Sigil

1500 Gale Sword, Nosada, Zephyr Pole, Elfin Bow, Marduk, Scorpion Tail, Sprint Shoes, Red Shoes Black King of Cinquleur, Bug Hunt, Bonga Bugle - Skyfrost
Powerful magicks transformed a wind spirit into this crystal. How fascinating that something so small could hold the power of a hurricane.
Earth Sigil

FFTA Earth Sigil

1500 Talwar, Beastsword, Adazakura, Kiku-ichimonji, Iron Pole, Arbalest, Peacemaker, Gaia Gear Sleight of Hand, The Nu Mou of the Rupies, The Bangaa of the Rupies, The Seas of Ordalia, Bonga Bugle - Plumfrost
Powerful magicks transformed an earth spirit into this crystal. How fascinating that something so small could hold the power of a landslide.
Fire Sigil

FFTA Fire Sigil

1500 Sumihomura, Flame Rod, Bomb Arm, Pomegranate Staff, Longbarrel, Lotus Mace, Flame Shield Odd Places, Bug Hunt
Powerful magicks transformed a fire spirit into this crystal. How fascinating that something so small could hold the power of a wildfire.
Water Sigil

Water sigil

1500 Harpe, Osafune, Spring Staff, Hunting Bow, Blueleaf Flute House Bowen's Challenge, Books of Magick
Powerful magicks transformed a water spirit into this crystal. How fascinating that something so small could hold the power of a tidal wave.
Storm Sigil

FFTA2 Storm Sigil

1500 Épée-prisme, Vajra, Thor Rod, Eight-fluted Pole, Tiara, Mirror Mail, Luminous Robe Picnic Pleasure, Shaved Ice, Books of Magick, Of a Feather
Powerful magicks transformed a storm spirit into this crystal. How fascinating that something so small could hold the power of a lightning bolt.
Ice Sigil

FFTA2 Ice Sigil

1500 Silver Sword, Manganese Saber, Chill Rod, Ivory Pole, Giot Gun, Outsider Graszton Cup, An Unfamiliar Land
Powerful magicks transformed an ice spirit into this crystal. How fascinating that something so small could hold the power of an avalanche.
Tarkov Crystal

FFTA2 Tarknov Crystal

700 Lionheart, Arch Sword, Claymore, Stardust Rod, Battle Bamboo, Gold Hairpin, Silken Robe, Magus Robe, Armguards, Scarab Charm Kupoppy Flower, Wanted: The Cyanwolf
A crystal said to have once been the property of renowned physic Tarkov. Used to focus the mind.
Fire Stone

FFTA2 Fire Stone

600 Flametongue, Ashura, Lava Spear, Firewheel Rod, Rising Sun, Druid Mace, Circlet, Blaze Robe, Red Robe, Spiked Boots Ahriman (loot 4), Veis: Assassin, It's the Thought, The Lands of Loar, Galerria Jewelers, Kthili Surveyors, House Bowen
A stone imbued with fire magicks. It's slightly warm to the touch.
Ice Stone

FFTA2 Ice Stone

600 Icebrand, Flamberge, Ice Lance, Sleet Rod, White Fangs, Ice Shield, Flurry Robe To Be a Fighter, Bonga Bugle - Skyfrost
A stone imbued with ice magicks. It's as cold as the substance from which it takes its name.
Storm Stone

FFTA2 Storm Stone

600 Paraiba Blade, Gae Bolg, Thunder Rod, Judicer's Staff, Sanjiegun, Kaiser Knuckles, Nike Bow, Riot Gun, Thunder Robe Wanted: Gilmunto, What Was Lost
A stone imbued with storm magicks. It glows with a faint, intermittent light.
Holy Stone

FFTA2 Holy Stone

600 Restorer, Vitanova, Save the Queen, Silver Rapier, Healing Staff, Cleansing Staff, Godhand, Heal Chime, Sage Crosier, Templar Shield Wanted: Ugohr, Komodo Arrival, Bonga Bugle - Coppersun
A stone imbued with holy magicks. Calms a troubled heart with a single touch.
Dark Stone

FFTA2 Dark Stone

600 Blood Sword, Apocalypse, Poison Knuckles, Hades Bow, Silver Cannon, Black Quena, Energy Mace, Thief's Cap, Bone Plate Wayward Drake, Arbiters of Death, One-Eyed Evil
A stone imbued with dark magicks. The black blotches covering it are disturbing to behold.
Low Arcana

FFTA2 Low Arcana

700 Ragetsu-denbu, Maximillian, Empyreal Armband, Orb of Minwu, Golden Armlet Wanted: Tonberrian
This gemstone contains the soul of a monster. Its shape and hue are truly unique.
Soul Ceffyl

FFTA2 Soul Ceffyl

150 Sun Blade, Atomos Blade, Venus Blade, Lohengrin, Scarlette, Staff of Blessings, Cypress Pole, Wizard's Hat The Star Seal, The Nu Mou Nobles
This crystal reflects not the body, but the soul. Use it with care - not all who look can live with what they've seen.
Earth Stone

FFTA2 Earth Stone

120 Buster Sword, Burglar Sword, Shamshir, Estoc, Predator, Kunai, Terre Rod, Metal Knuckles, Huntsman's Bow, Chaos Rifle, Adamant Vest, Chameleon Robe Yellow Wings, The Way of the Mask, Wanted: The Cyanwolf, Camoa Braves, Chita's Weaponers, Moogle Porters, Jytras Pirata
A stone imbued with earth magicks. It's quite heavy, despite its small size.
Wind Stone

FFTA2 Wind Stone

120 Sweep Blade, Air Blade, Defender, Djinn Flyssa, Falchion, Stribog, Silver Bow, Windslash Bow, Cranequin, Aiot Gun, Lost Gun, Battle Boots Our Playground, Beetle in a Haystack, The Yellow Wings, Zedlei Consortium, Jytras Pirata, Prima Donna
A stone imbued with wind magicks. Hold it to your ear and hear the howling of the wind.
Water Stone

FFTA2 Water Stone

120 Ogun Blade, Pearl Blade, Blue Saber, Aqua Saber, El-Cid, Murasame, Staff of Protection Prepared With Love, The Perfect Gift, Graszton Seaways, Zedlei Consortium, Jytras Pirata
A stone imbued with water magicks. It gushes water when shattered.

FFTA2 Metals Icon


Loot Sell Items Crafted Source

FFTA2 Mythril

2800 Materia Blade, The Fallen Angel, Heretic Rod, Ivory Pole, Cat Claws, White Fangs, Templar Shield, Angel Ring Strong Lady, Stuck in the Muck, The Stone with No Name, A Lasting Peace, From 'Cross the Sea
This mysterious ore is rich in magickal energy. It is known to become poisonous when exposed to certain alchemical processes.

FFTA2 Scarlettite

2800 Tonberrian, Tournesol, Master Sword, Estrella, Mjolnir, Reverie Shield Pirate Problems, Survey No. 261, Ravager, My Little Carrot, Rancher's Request - White
A metal made only with the blessing of the gods. The secrets of its smelting are unknown to mortals.

FFTA2 Orichalcum

2800 Orichalcum Dirk, Restorer, Ayvuir Red, Vigilante, Wygar The Dig, Through Another's Eyes, A Lady's Proposition, The Cat's Meow, Goug Nightwatch, Yellow Wings in Trouble
This metal has the strange property of becoming solid only at certain times of day. Smiths call it the phantom metal, and treat it with utmost care.

FFTA2 Einherjarium

2800 Gupti Aga, Kiku-ichimonji, Dragon Whisker, Frigid Viol, Templar Cloth, Red Robe Seeking the Stone, The Cat's Meow, Drawn Bridge, From 'Cross the Sea
This metal contains veins of potentized skystone. Often used in the wrighting of airships.
Gold Chalice

FFTA2 Gold Chalice

2500 Diabolique, Staff of the Magi, Eight-fluted Pole, Gleisburst, Heal Chime, Sage's Robe Death March III, Hellhound Astray, Wall of Flame, Rancher's Request - Green, Bringer of Doom
A gorgeous vessel wrought from the purest gold. Gentlemen and ladies who do not faint at its beauty will surely faint at the price.
Bundle of Needles

FFTA2 Bundle of Needles

2500 Femme Fatale, Zanmato, Survivor, Magick Hands, Rocket Punch Chita on Weapons - Masters, Teach a Man to Run, Loar Airships Grounded
A bundle of one thousand sharp needles. If you don't trust its provenance, you're welcome to count.

FFTA Adamantite

1200 Adamant Blade, Talwar, Claymore, Rhomphaia, Nosada, Stardust Rod, Godhand, Tiger Fangs, Death Claws, Shield of the Four, Dragon Mail, Adamant Armor Seeking the Stone, Aid the Serpent, Foodstuffs: Nutrition, Popocho's Chocobos
This beautiful greenish-hued ore is obtained from the fossilized remains of an adamantoise.
Crusite Alloy

FFTA Crusite Alloy

1200 Jambiya, Vitanova, Ebon Blade, Sumihomura, Kain's Lance, Scorpion Tail, Hanya Mask, Giant's Helmet, Gold Hairpin, Bone Plate, Samite Coat, Golden Amulet Ahriman (loot 4), Making Port, The White of Its Eye, I Want to Forget, Jytras Pirata
A sacred alloy, smelted by spirits in hidden kilns. Only those who are pure of heart are granted its use.
Mysidia Alloy

FFTA Mysidia Alloy

1200 Save the Queen, Excalibur, Windsong Rapier, Lilith Rod, Max's Oathbow, Blueleaf Flute, Morning Star, Mandragora, Lotus Mace, Materia Armor, Power Sash, Rubber Suit Foodstuffs: Bon Appetit, Wanted: Icicle Ark, Training Wanted, Wanted: Tutor!
A magickal alloy from ancient Mysidia. Few remain who know the methods for smelting it.

FFTA2 Gemsteel

1200 Onion Sword, Harpe, Manganese Saber, Luabreaker, Ame-no-Murakumo, Artemis Bow, Perseus Bow, Greataxe, Golden Axe, Aegis Shield, Mirage Vest, Bone Armlets Mountain Watch, Wanted: Sky Pirate Vaan, Wanted: Artillery
This alloy can only be worked by magick, though many a fine hammer has been ruined by stubborn smiths who believed otherwise.
Moon Ring

FFTA2 Moon Ring

1000 Soulsaber, Madu, Adazakura, Kotetsu, Masamune, Trident, Bomb Arm, Spring Staff, Peacemaker, Longbarrel, Outsider, Golden Skullcap Eternal Rivalry, The Eastwatch, The Rivalry of the Rupies
A metal ring that resonates with the phases of the moon. It is said the goddess protector of earth once wore it.
Zodiac Ore

FFTA Zodiac Ore

500 Paraiba Blade, Hardedge, Ogrenix, Zweihander, Stribog, El-Cid, Beastsword, Vajra, Master Bow, Ice Shield, Ruby Earring, Empyreal Armband A Lady's Proposition, Komodo Departure
The star-like patterns seen in this rare ore have been compared to the signs of the zodiac. Its hardness makes it difficult to smith.

FFTA Leestone

500 Force Rod, Flame Rod, Thor Rod, Chill Rod, Cypress Pole, Sanjiegun, Iron Pole, Esztam Baton, Gokuu Pole, Francisca, Sage Crosier, Thunder Robe Survey No. 258, Wanted: Lang Bros.
This ore is used as a base material for alchemy. Its properties change with the time of day.
Adamant Alloy

FFTA Adaman Alloy

500 Swordbreaker, Icebrand, Rising Sun, Kaiser Knuckles, Slasher, Hammerhead, Barbut, Close Helmet, Diamond Helm, Carabineer Mail, Adamant Vest Throw Down, Bonga Bugle - Blackfrost
An alloy made from adamant ore; used in the forging of many kinds of armor and weapons.

FFTA2 Damascus

500 Khukuri, Cinquedea, Gale Sword, Colichemarde, Crown Scepter, Fanatic, Twin Bow, Satyr Flute, Chocobo Shield, Kenpo Gi Chita on Weapons - Novices, An Earnest Search, Bonga Bugle - Coppersun
This metal is immediately recognized by the unique pattern of striations on its surface. Often used in the forging of weapons and armor.

FFTA2 Zincatite

400 Zwillblade, Épée-prisme, Osafune, Zephyr Pole, Dream Claws, Silver Bow, Gastrophetes, Conch Shell, Black Quena, Blaze Robe, Flurry Robe, Bracers It's a Trap!, The Camoa Braves
This metal possesses a faint magickal aura. Used in coat magickal artifacts.
Dipraeu Bronze

FFTA2 Dipraeu Bronze

400 Air Blade, Shamshir, Aqua Saber, Oblige, Partisan, Platemail, Golden Armor, Diamond Armor, Maximillian, Minerva Bustier, Battle Boots, Fortune Ring Bonga Bugle - Greenfire, Open Wide, Bonga Bugle - Silversun, Death March
An alloy enchanted with special regenerative magicks. Small scratches in its surface mend of their own accord.

FFTA2 Platinum

500 Silver Sword, Kwigon Blade, Ragnarok, Lohengrin, Arch Sword, Staff of Blessings, Platinum Shield, Platinum Helm, Platinum Armor, Mirror Mail, Judicer's Coat, Gauntlets Now That's A Fire!, Unfamiliar Folk, Blue King of Cinquleur, Wanted: Hatchery Worker, Vim Vigor and Go
This rare metal has a brilliant silver luster. Its beauty has made it popular for use in decorative pieces.
Gun Gear

FFTA Gun Gear

300 Ragetsu-denbu, Chaos Rifle, Lost Gun, Giot Gun, Survival Vest Bonga Bugle - Rosefire, It's the Thought
This gear-wheel dampens kickback when the firearm is discharged. It's crafted from a durable adamant alloy.
Cursed Coin

FFTA Stolen Gil

400 Blood Sword, Djinn Flyssa, Battle Bamboo, Sledgehammer, Flame Shield, Green Beret, Red Shoes Wee Evil, Showdown
An age-worn coin such as this must surely have value to a collector, yet it brings nothing but unhappiness to those who posses it.

FFTA2 Zinconium

80 Defender, Apocalypse, Lionheart, Diamond Sword, Falchion, Firewheel Rod, Thunder Rod, Sleet Rod, Metal Knuckles, Energy Mace, Druid Mace, Armguards Bonga Bugle - Ashleaf, Bonga Bugle - Bloodfire, The First Step
A flimsy metal, it crumbles at the slightest impact. Used primarily in alloys with other, sturdier metals.
Xergis Tin

FFTA2 Xergis Tin

80 Scramasax, Rondel, Buster Sword, Burglar Sword, Ogun Blade, Venus Blade, Xankbras, Kunai, Murasame, Ashura, Javelin, Iron Hammer, Poison Knuckles Kids These Days, The Moon Seal, Green Dominion, Kyrra: Dragoon
This metal sounds a clear tone when struck. Popular for use in musical instruments.
Cruzle Brass

FFTA2 Cruzle Brass

80 Sun Blade, Flametongue, Pearl Blade, Barong, Samson Sword, Lava Spear, Gae Bolg, Staff of Protection, Windslash Bow, Glass Bell, Tonfa, War Hammer, Round Shield Komodo Departure, Prepared With Love, The First Step
A bright golden-colored alloy. Often used as an inexpensive substitute for gold.
Gikhet Lead

FFTA2 Gikhet Lead

70 Jackknife, Kris, Kard, Broadsword, Sweep Blade, Atomos Blade, Dagriohm, Predator, Demon Bell, Broadaxe, Bronze Armor, Brigandine Stranger in the Woods, Kids These Days, Green Dominion, Wee Evil
An extremely malleable metal. Many fine pieces are sculpted in gikhet lead.
Clock Gear

FFTA Clock Gear

70 Hades Bow, Silver Cannon, Riot Gun, Omnis Cannon, Diklum, Supernal Ray, Ligatur, Brevis, Massive Bazooka, Guang Cannon, Dromaeo, Chainmail White King of Cinquleur, Knowing the Beast
A vital part of any timepiece. Its considerable size makes it suitable for a large clock.
Trusty Frying Pan

FFTA2 Trusty Frying Pan

30 Blue Saber, Silver Rapier, Joyeuse, War Trumpet, Iron Helm, Headband, Iron Armor Bonga Bugle - Silversun, The Perfect Gift, Bonga Bugle - Skyfrost
No surer means is there to reduce any foodstuff to a heap of black char than to cook it with this frying pan.
Sanative Needle

FFTA2 Sanative Needle

60 Stinger, Estoc, Fleuret, Scarlette, Flamberge, Mage Masher, Ancient Sword, Ice Lance, Aiot Gun The Yellow Wings, Our Playground
A small needle treated with a medicinal extract. Careful not to prick yourself, or you'll go numb.

FFTA2 Skins Icon


Loot Sell Items Crafted Source
Prime Tanned Hide

FFTA2 Prime Tanned Hide

1200 Golden Axe, King of Hearts, Black Hat, Genji Armor, Brigandine, Rubber Suit, Ever Robe, Brint Suit, Galmia Frock Devilish Delight, The Finest Blade, One Last Memory, A Step Further, Wanted: Big Eyes, The Last Step
Trappers know: prime skins make prime hides. Use for all manner of craft.
Prime Pelt

FFTA2 Prime Pelt

1000 Estrella, Survivor, Queen of Clubs, Jujitsu Gi, Judicer's Coat, Galmia Frock, Luminous Robe Ahriman (loot 4), The Ritual, Kidnapping!?, An Earnest Delight, The Whole Truth, Watching the Watchers
A beautiful, lustrous, high-quality pelt. Used for wall-hangings in the homes of the wealthy.
Pink Tail

FFTA2 Pink Tail

1000 Ace of Spades, Shield of the Four, Adamant Armor, Wygar, Templar Cloth, Lordly Robe, Ruby Earring Rumors Abound, Rancher's Request - Red, Burning Soul
A mysterious pink tail. Highly treasured as a token of good luck - which is exactly what you need to come by one of these.
Cockatrice Skin

FFTA2 Cockatrice Skin

1000 Adamant Blade, Magick Hands, Greataxe, Jack of Diamonds, Two of Clubs, Joker Wanted: Icicle Ark, Geomancer's Way - Sun, Devil's Pact, The Wonders of Ordalia, The Ultimate Book, Just Desserts
This bumpy, warted skin looks terrible, but is quite well suited for tailoring and other crafts.
Tanned Beast Hide

FFTA2 Tanned Beast Hide

1200 Rhomphaia, Tiger Fangs, Gleisburst, Six of Diamonds, Genji Shield, Genji Helm, Gaius Caligae, Bone Armlets Something's Dropped!, The Art of Gastronomy, Oh No, Kupo!, With a Smile
The tanned hide of a behemoth. Its bright purple coloration fetches a high price at market.
Tyrant Hide

FFTA2 Tyrant Hide

400 Reverie Shield, Golden Armor, Germinas Boots, Genji Gloves Of Kupos and Cannons
These rugged hides are tough to damage. They make excellent armor, if you can figure out how to cut them to size.
Quality Hide

FFTA2 Quality Hide

450 Cat Claws, Black Garb, Bracers Wanted: Woodworker
These hides have just the right balance of resilience and suppleness. Their price reflects this, however.
Giant's Tanned Hide

FFTA2 Giant's Tanned Hide

400 Beastsword, Dream Claws, Kaiser Knuckles, Eight of Hearts, Power Sash Speed Battle, Kupo!
The technique for tanning these large hides have been passed down by the the giants for centuries. The finished product is a bit tough.
Tanned Tyrant Hide

FFTA2 Tanned Tyrant Hide

400 Colichemarde, Claymore, Aegis Shield, Thief's Cap, Gauntlets Speed Battle, Kupo!
The tanned hide of a great lizard. The tanning process removes some of its natural oils, making it susceptible to water damage.
Coeurl Pelt

FFTA2 Coeurl Pelt

400 El-Cid, Hammerhead, Chameleon Robe, Scarab Charm Mushroom Chef, Red King of Cinquleur
This spotted hide provides excellent protection against cold weather, though it tears easily.
Quality Pelt

FFTA2 Quality Pelt

350 Battle Bamboo, Round Shield, Tiara, Black Robe Wanted: Gilmunto, Hunting Season, Survey No. 258
A long-haired pelt. Many travelers wear these in place of a tailored cape.
Rabbit Tail

FFTA Rabbit Tail

250 Headband, Ninja Gear, Sprint Shoes, Feathered Boots, Brigand's Gloves Komodo Departure, Wanted: Florah
The tail of a long-eared rabbit. Thought by many to bring good luck, though rabbits tend to disagree.
Tiger Hide

FFTA2 Tiger Hide

50 Slasher, Green Beret, Survival Vest To Be a Fighter
This pelt is smooth to the touch. Easily obtained, and always popular at market.
Chocobo Skin

FFTA Chocobo Skin

50 Samson Sword, Chocobo Shield Red King of Cinquleur, Foodstuffs: Texture
The skin of a chocobo. Some find the scent mildly offensive.
Rat Pelt

FFTA2 Rat Pelt

20 Falchion, Broadaxe, Battle Boots Foodstuffs: Texture, The Bangaa Brotherhood
These skins are small, but very pliable. Their humble price makes them popular trade goods in many lands.
Snake Skin

FFTA2 Snake Skin

20 Jackknife A Paw Full of Feathers
The patterns on this skin are as brilliantly colored as they are intricate. Used for making bags and shoes.
Tanned Hide

FFTA2 Tanned Hide

30 Stribog, Wizard's Hat, Chainmail Cilawa the Gluttonous
An expertly tanned hide. Curing in the sun gives these hides a fine luster.
Wolf Pelt

FFTA2 Wolf Pelt

45 Predator, Metal Knuckles, Spiked Boots Wanted: The Cyanwolf
This short-haired pelt wicks away heat. Highly treasured in hot climes.
Rabbit Pelt

FFTA2 Rabbit Pelt

40 Francisca, Circlet, Silken Robe You Say Tomato, Open Wide
This pelt is light and soft to the touch. Used for fringes and to otherwise accent clothing.
Rat Tail

FFTA Rat Tail

20 Four of Spades, Adamant Vest A Voice From the Well
The long tail of a desert rat. Thought to bring good luck, provided one isn't a rat.
Bat Tail

FFTA2 Bat Tail

20 Shadow Blade, Poison Knuckles A Voice From the Well, The Strength of a Wolf
The tail of a speckled bat. Shunned as a bring of bad luck.

FFTA2 Bones Icon


Loot Sell Items Crafted Source
Emperor Scale

FFTA2 Emperor Scale

2500 Tournesol, Vigilante, Ninja Gear, Black Garb, Brint Frock, Galmia Frock Making Music, Shelling Out, Fluffy Flier?, Must Have It!, Wanted: Friends Kupo!
The fallen scale from an ancient dragon's back. The mere sight of it is enough to drive away weaker beasts.
Beastlord Horn

FFTA2 Beastlord Horn

2500 Master Sword, Crown Scepter, Crescent Bow, Giant's Helmet, Genji Armor A Lady's Insistence, Chita on Weapons - Adepts
A giant, perfectly straight horn. The sign of a king among beasts.
Wyvern Fang

FFTA2 Wyvern Fang

2500 Tonberrian, Last Letter, Dragon Whisker, Reverie Shield, Ninja Tabi Wanted: Marksman
These keen fangs are resilient enough to withstand the wyvern's fiery breath.
Ancient Turtle Shell

FFTA2 Ancient Turtle Shell

2000 Rocket Punch, Lotus Mace, Genji Shield, Shield of the Four Caravan Cry, Chef Story: Hors D'oeuvre
This shell is only harvested when properly aged. A favorite material among certain craftsmen.
Blood-Darkened Bone

FFTA2 Blood-darkened Bone

1000 Zwillblade, White Fangs, Hades Bow, Max's Oathbow, Ensanguined Shield, Hanya Mask, Bone Plate, Bone Armlets, Scarab Charm Gimme That!, Popocho's Chocobos, Wanted: Combatants, The Strength of the Wolf
The bone of one who spent her days awash in the blood of others. Used in alchemy and for the working of curses.
Wyrm Carapace

FFTA2 Wyrm Carapace

1000 Restorer, Partisan, Flame Rod, Silver Bow, Maximillian, Gauntlets It's a Trap!, Wanted: Big Eyes, Stowaways
Together with scales, this thick carapace provides great protection for a dragon. It retains its strength even after several blows.
Vampyr Fang

FFTA2 Vampyr Fang

1000 Ebon Blade, Soulsaber, Diabolique, Kain's Lance, Heretic Rod, Death Claws, Ice Shield Great Tortoise (loot 4), Showdown, Otherworldly Visitors
The fang of a blood-sucking bat. Even removed, it quickly absorbs blood, turning a bright red.
Spiral Incisor

FFTA2 Spiral Incisor

800 Jambiya, Cinquedea, Blood Sword, Nail Bow, Francisca, Aegis Shield Bonga Bugle - Plumfrost, Mountain Watch, Stuck in the Muck
This giant fang is shaped a little like a corkscrew. Strong enough to pierce metal.
Alraune Drill

FFTA2 Alraune Drill

1000 Orichalcum Dirk, Gastrophetes, Faerie Harp, Chocobo Shield, Barette, Samite Coat The Natural Order, Of Kupos and Cannons
The red drill found atop the head of an alraune. Naturally harvested drills fetch a high price.
Star Fragments

FFTA2 Star Fragments

1200 Stardust Rod, Frigid Viol, Templar Shield, White Hat, Faerie Shoes, Empyreal Armband Making Music, Watch Your Step, Bonga Bugle - Plumfrost, Formidable Strength
This chunk of rock sparkles and shines. Said to be a fragment of a fallen star.
Dragon Bone

FFTA Dragon Bone

300 Burglar Sword, Lionheart, Diklum, Bracers The Sun Seal, Wayward Drake
The bone of an adult dragon. It's too large to be easily carried.
Sturdy Bone

FFTA2 Sturdy Bone

250 Kris, Swordbreaker, Mage Masher, Thorn Bow, Twin Bow, Supernal Ray Pirate Attack, One-Eyed Evil
A hard, well-formed bone. Craftsmen are advised to purify the bone with holy water before carving.
Mirror Scale

FFTA2 Mirror Scale

300 Silver Rapier, Luabreaker, Broadaxe I Got a Bad Feeling
This glass-like scale is so clear as to be almost transparent. Hold it in the sunlight and it sparkles with reflected brilliance.
Cod Scale

FFTA2 Cod Scale

300 Lohengrin, Arch Sword, Trident The Way of the Timid, Plea for Help
These brown, speckled scales are used in a surprising number of goods.
Battlewyrm Carapace

FFTA2 Battlewyrm Carapace

350 Ligatur, Slasher, Diamond Armor, Brigand's Gloves, Fortune Ring The Root of the Problem
The carapace of a winged dragon. Lighter than metal, this material is often used in fashioning armor.
Great Serpent's Fang

FFTA2 Great Serpent's Fang

300 Hardedge, Target Bow, Guang Cannon, Hammerhead, Flame Shield Green King of Cinquleur, Cleaning to Loar
This fang is said to have the power to drive off evil. Often hung over doorways.
Zingu Pearl

FFTA2 Zingu Pearl

550 Flametongue, Ragnarok, Joyeuse, Ogrenix, Diamond Helm, White Robe Pearls in the Deep
This pearl glows with a soft light. Those who deal in gemstones and other precious materials call it the "One Love."
Coral Fragments

FFTA2 Coral Fragments

350 Staff of Protection, Massive Bazooka, Genji Helm, Cachusha Chita on Weapons - Novices, Prepared With Love
A piece from a coral found in the Sea of Ewohl. Too brittle to be much use for crafting.
Aged Turtle Shell

FFTA2 Aged Turtle Shell

400 Yoichi Bow, War Trumpet, Brevis, Genji Gloves An Earnest Quandary, Wanted: Shiny Maces
This nicely weathered shell has great value among curio aficionados.

FFTA Skull

300 Apocalypse, Zweihander, Demon Bell, Glass Bell, Black Quena, Dromaeo, Reaper's Robe Showdown, Maintaining the Balance, Knowing the Beast
A skull of unknown provenance. Not a bad decoration for a mage's den, if you can stand the insistent chattering of the teeth.
Animal Bone

FFTA2 Animal Bone

40 Kard, Sweep Blade, Barong, Javelin, Lava Spear, Char Bow Foodstuffs: Texture, Kyrra: Dragoon
A bone from an unknown animal. Used in the working of divinatory magicks.
Bomb Shell

FFTA Bomb Shell

60 Khukuri, Sun Blade, Venus Blade, Scarlette, Rising Sun, Blaze Robe Veis: Assassin, A Voice from the Well
The molted skin of a bomb grown to maturity. It is still faintly warm to the touch.
Lamia Scale

FFTA2 Lamia Scale

60 Paraiba Blade, Stinger, Round Shield The Yellow Wings, Shelling Out, Blue King of Cinqueleur
A smooth, white scale. Surprisingly beautiful, these are used to make a variety of accessories.

FFTA2 Molting

30 Shadow Blade, Icebrand, Fleuret, Longbow The Star Seal, The Perfect Gift
The molted skin of a red dirtsnake. Ground into a powder for a concocting tinctures and the like.
Iron Carapace

FFTA2 Iron Carapace

60 Dagriohm, Firewheel Rod, Omnis Cannon Sun-ripened Mayhem
This monster molting is rich in iron and other trace materials. The moltings are pulverized, then made into various alloys.
Insect Husk

FFTA2 Insect Husk

50 Rondel, Silver Sword, Xankbras Our Playground, A Harvest Hand
An insect shell so hard, it seems to be almost metal. The price of these shells differ depending on pattern and coloration.
Pointed Horn

FFTA2 Pointed Horn

50 Scramasax, Ancient Sword, Diamond Sword Beetle in a Haystack, Wayward Drake
This beast's horn tapers to a very sharp point. Almost entirely hollow; despite its size, it's quite light.
Crooked Fang

FFTA2 Crooked Fang

40 Buster Sword, Barbut The First Step
This fang is hooked like a claw. Once it bites into flesh, it's hard to get it back out again.
Gimble Stalk

FFTA2 Gimble Stalk

50 Ogun Blade, Master Bow, Greataxe For My Love, Fey Mischief
The tip of this drill is slightly rounded. A popular crafting tool for children.
Zingu Pearl Shell

FFTA2 Zingu Pearl Shell

55 Pearl Blade, Silver Cannon, Iron Armor Throw Down
Zingu pearls are found in these fua shells. Used in making shell cameos.
Fury Fragments

FFTA2 Fury Fragments

65 Defender, Ice Lance You Say Tomato
This stone fragment has a striking red color. Said to lead its bearer to victory in battle.
Turtle Shell

FFTA2 Turtle Shell

60 Iron Helm, Armguards Bonga Bugle - Silversun
A smooth, curved turtle shell. Skill and diligence are required to preserve its strength during crafting.
Bone Chips

FFTA2 Bone Chips

20 Close Helmet Wanted: Shiny Maces
The fragmented shards of monster bones. Touch them lightly and they will crumble.

FFTA2 Flora Icon


Loot Sell Items Crafted Source

FFTA2 Flutegrass

Shining Lute Making Music
The hollow reeds of this plant are perfect for making into flutes. The resulting instruments are known for their clear and vibrant tones.

FFTA2 Screamroot

2500 Ragetsu-denbu, Mandragora, Two of Clubs, Edaroya Scriptures Wanted: Florah, Wanted: Moogle Rangers, Teach a Man to Fish
The roots of this plant look like tiny dolls carelessly dropped in the dirt. Rip them up and they give a bloodcurdling scream.
Aurea Pollen

FFTA2 Aurea Pollen

2000 Talwar, Crescent Bow, Scorpion Tail, Joker, Templar Cloth Thieves in the Ruins, Wanted: Devotees!, Lethean Drought, Moorabella Nightwatch, Bonga Bugle - Emberleaf
A pollen used since antiquity for various alchemical purposes. Liquefies when it comes into contact with metal.
Malboro Flower

FFTA2 Malboro Flower

1000 King of Hearts, Six of Diamonds Wanted: Floraxion
It takes many years for these yellow flowers to bloom. A good thing, as their fragrance is almost too sickly sweet to bear.

FFTA2 Kalos

800 Cinquedea, Adazakura, Thor Rod, Tiger Fangs, Morning Star, Tome of Ending, Barette A Fatal Mistake, I've Been Had; Kupo!
This pungent smelling flower blooms in a large, bright red ring of color. The petals are used for making dye.

FFTA Goldcap

800 Kotetsu, Sumihomura, Golden Axe, Golden Skullcap Cake: The Ingredients
The spores of this marvelous fungus consist largely of gold. Sprouting once in a decade, a sighting is a true event.
Magick Fruit

FFTA Magic Fruit

800 Lilith Rod, Bomb Arm, Jack of Diamonds, Rubber Suit, Magick Robe 'Tis the Season, A Charm for Luck
This fruit is said to enhance magickal ability, though many complain of its bitterness.
Suspect Mushroom

FFTA2 Suspect Mushroom

800 Harpe, Ashura, Target Bow Now That's a Fire!, Plea for Help
This mushroom looks like trouble. None yet have been fool enough to test it and see if it actually is poisonous.
Spiral Vine

FFTA2 Spiral Vine

1000 Nosada, Thorn Bow, Yoichi Bow, Nike Bow, Veil of Wiyu, Minerva Bustier A Treasured Heirloom, Rancher's Request - Yellow
This vine curls naturally into a spiral. It is thought to act as protection against some beasts with a natural aversion to the shape.
Four-leaf Clover

FFTA2 Four-leaf Clover

1200 Jambiya, Manganese Saber, Cheer Staff, Cachusha, Magick Ring Unfamiliar Folk, Caravan Cry
These small green sprigs are said to bring big luck. They're rather hard to find, however.
Moon Bloom

FFTA Moon Bloom

300 Artemis Bow, Brigandine The Genuine Article
This flower shaped like a moth's wings is the based ingredient for the mixing of elixirs. Blooms only in places where the soil is just so.

FFTA2 Leucojum

250 Osafune, Platinum Shield, Wygar Instrument of Inspiration
A pure-white, many petaled flower. These turn a light purple with picked.

FFTA2 Hedychium

250 Shamshir, Vajra, Queen of Clubs, Platinum Armor Bonga Bugle - Blackfrost, What Was Lost, Bonga Bugle - Skyfrost
This blue flower glows faintly at night. Its sweet nectar is a favorite of children.

FFTA2 Onion

300 Onion Sword, Eight of Hearts, Ace of Spades, Power Sash Bonga Bugle - Mistleaf, The Sun Seal, Bonga Bugle - Greenfire
A thin, brown skin covers this round bulb. A bit harsh when eaten raw.
Hedychium Pollen

FFTA2 Hedychium Pollen

200 Zwillblade, Kiku-ichimonji, Veil of Wiyu, Golden Amulet Instrument of Inspiration
This pollen gives off a faint blue glow which is known to brighten during spells of cold weather.
Pearl Moss

FFTA2 Pearl Moss

250 Save the Queen, Gold Hairpin, Jujitsu Gi The Whole Truth
A variety of lightmoss that grows in damp places. Useful for making poultices when properly dried.
Tomato Stalk

FFTA2 Tomato Stalk

200 Kris, Survivor, Golden Armor Sun-ripened Mayhem, Kthili Surveyors
Eating too many of these stalks induces a kind of ennui.
Telaq Flower

FFTA Telaq Flower

35 Gae Bolg Tree Hugging
This beautiful flower is sometimes called the shybloom for its tendency to grow in the dark recesses of caves. Wilts in direct sunlight.
Silk Bloom

FFTA Silk Bloom

35 Battle Folio, Thunder Robe Wanted: Lang Bros
A small pure-white flower used in the mixing of elixirs. Attention is required for harvesting as the flowers only bloom for a short period.
Marriom Heather

FFTA2 Marriom Heather

35 Force Rod, The Arnath Glyphs Assistants Wanted!
These small flowers tenaciously cling to whatever soil they can find. Low to the ground, they are often mistaken for moss.
Prima Petal

FFTA2 Prima Petal

35 Kunai The Trappings of Failure
These heart-shaped flower petals are dampened and worn on the skin in some cultures to attract happiness and good fortune.

FFTA2 Nephenthis

40 Samson Sword Reagent Run
Many are the hapless adventurers who wander aimlessly having eaten of this herb, never knowing who they were, or how they came to be this way.
Recall Grass

FFTA2 Recall Grass

40 Judicer's Staff, Four of Spades Bonga Bugle - Goldsun, Shipping Out
A plant made from grafted echo grass and nepenthis. The only known cure for nepenthis-induced amnesia.

FFTA2 Whisperweed

40 Druid Mace It's the Thought
Strange tubes in the stalk of this plant can carry the faintest noise across long distances. Increasingly rare of late.
Ladies' Tresses

FFTA2 Ladies' Tresses

35 Urutan Annals, Chainmail Cilawa the Gluttonous
The tendrils of this plant wind around in a tight spiral. Small doses can restore one's get-up-and-go.
Power Fruit

FFTA Power Fruit

55 Headband, Survival Vest Tree Hugging
This fruit is said to enhance physical strength. So sweet, only the merest morsel may be eaten in one sitting.
Succulent Fruit

FFTA2 Succulent Fruit

55 Energy Mace, Mage Manual Wanted: Gilmunto, The Natural Order
This thick-skinned, bitter fruit is much better served warm.
Cactus Fruit

FFTA Vermillion

50 Kard, Bronze Armor Reagent Run
Thorns cover the skin of this fruit. Once cut open, however, it is a lush, slightly sweet treat for the palate.
Tiny Mushrooms

FFTA2 Tiny Mushrooms

20 Jackknife, Enavia Chronicles, Magus Robe A Paw Full of Feathers, Seeding the Harvest
This white mushroom grows in shady places. Its rubbery texture has earned it more than a few fans among gourmands.
Faren Pollen

FFTA2 Faren Pollen

20 Broadsword, Atomos Blade Stranger in the Woods
This purple pollen is extremely poisonous. Sometimes called the "dark dust".
Malboro Vine

FFTA2 Malboro Vine

55 Nail Bow, Malbow, Green Beret Pirate Attack, Wanted: Floraxion, Open Wide
This malboro tendril was dried in the sun, removing much of its scent. Used as a material in basket weaving and other handcrafts.
Sturdy Vine

FFTA2 Sturdy Vine

45 Thunder Rod, Longbow, Char Bow The Trappings of Failure
A fat child could swing from this vine and still not break it. Always good to have one of these handy.
Ball Moss

FFTA2 Ball Moss

40 Scramasax Beetle in a Haystack
This moss grows naturally into a fuzzy green ball shape. Staring at it gives you a fuzzy warm feeling.

FFTA2 Peppergrass

30 Platinum Helm To Be a Fighter
A green leaf that gives off a refreshing scent. Makes an excellent garnish for meat dishes.

FFTA2 Timber Icon


Loot Sell Items Crafted Source

FFTA Stradivari

2800 Edaroya Scriptures, Sage's Robe, Faerie Shoes The Camoa Nightwatch, Inspiration or Perspiration?, The Last Duelhorn, Geomancer's Way - Snow
A compound of strawood and divariwood. Soft and easy to carve, this is the idea material for making musical instruments.

FFTA2 Strawood

Shining Lute, Brilliant Theorbo Making Music
A light, flexible wood. White in color, with a very fine grain.

FFTA2 Mahbeny

2500 Madu, Nirvana, Crescent Bow, Faerie Harp Geomancer's Way - Mist, Wish Upon a Star
This strange wood emits a wan light. Used in the making of magickal artifacts.

FFTA2 Godwood

2800 Master Sword, Staff of the Magi, Malbow, Zeus Mace, Genji Helm The Kidnapped Girl!, Cake: The Catastrophe, Abducted!
This wood was thought to have come from a tree that grew in the realm of the gods. The entire piece emits a holy aura.

FFTA2 Quince

1000 Yoichi Bow, Perseus Bow, Mjolnir, Tome of Ending Treasured Tomes
This wood cut from quince lumber is often used to decorate the halls of castles and palaces.

FFTA2 Gurnat

1200 Cheer Staff, Nail Bow, Arbalest, Sledgehammer, Barette Ahriman (loot 4), Airship S.O.S!, For My Love
Cut gurnat lumber like this has been used for many years in home building.
Kuraisle Boxwood

FFTA2 Kuraisle Boxwood

1000 Femme Fatale, Vigilante, Target Bow, Elfin Bow, Master Bow, Seventh Heaven, Genji Armor Crying Eyeball, Poachers Spotted, A Simple Question, Rancher's Request - Black, A Bewitching Encounter
A beautiful wood with a remarkable luster. A rare strain of the same tree is highly toxic.

FFTA2 Wyrmtwig

1000 Fanatic, Max's Oathbow, Genji Shield, Genji Gloves, Angel Ring Komodo Arrival, Duelhorn, Wanted: Woodcutter, The Wonders of Loar
This twig is kept as a ward against evil for its peculiar shape, like that of a dragon soaring to the sky.

FFTA2 Divariwood

400 Staff of Blessings, Serpent Staff, Esztam Baton, Nike Bow Blue King of Cinquleur, The Next Step
A rigid hardwood. Gives off a unique fragrance when soaked in water.
Quality Lumber

FFTA2 Quality Lumber

350 Zweihander, Gokuu Pole, Gastrophetes, Urutan Annals, The Arnath Glyphs An Earnest Search
This wood emits a faint magickal aura. Used in fashioning magickal wands and other trappings of the mage's craft.

FFTA2 Kempas

300 Gupti Aga, Thorn Bow, Frigid Viol, Enavia Chronicles, Veil of Wiyu Foodstuffs: Aroma, Rancher's Request - Yellow
This lumber has a slightly reddish gleam to it. Used in many handsome crafts for home and table.

FFTA2 Agathis

300 Terre Rod, Tonfa, Ivory Pole, Hunting Bow Now That's a Fire, Bonga Bugle - Greenfire
Wood from the fast-growing agathis tree. Its reasonable price has contributed to its widespread use.
Red Geeps

FFTA2 Red Geeps

350 Luabreaker, Eight-fluted Pole, Char Bow Ahriman (loot 3), Grounded!, It's a Trap!
The narrow grain of this wood makes it ideal for whittling, and popular with carpenters.
Rose Branch

FFTA2 Rose Branch

350 Satyr Flute, Sage Crosier, Life Crosier, Gaia Gear Wanted: Woodworker
This rare wood bears a faint rose fragrance. Its knotty grain makes it very difficult to work, but extremely beautiful when carved by a master.
Pagoda Wood

FFTA2 Pagoda Wood

350 Ogrenix, Pomegranate Staff, Sanjiegun, Marduk, Cachusha Wanted: The Mirage Bunny
This cut pagoda lumber is often chopped into chips, which are then placed in bags as protective charms.

FFTA Moonwood

65 Swordbreaker, Flamberge, Glass Bell Wanted: Ugohr
This cut moontree lumber is soft and easy to work.

FFTA Danbukwood

65 Hardedge, Cranequin, Twin Bow, Demon Bell Knowing the Beast
This cut danbuk lumber is excellent for use in crafting weapons and armor.

FFTA2 Cottonflue

65 Oblige, Conch Shell, War Hammer, Battle Folio Mushroom Chef
This dry, brittle wood burns long, making it popular for use in campfires.

FFTA2 Waltwood

65 Barong, Judicer's Staff, Healing Staff, Cleansing Staff, Iron Pole, Mage Manual Kids These Days, Foodstuffs: Aroma
This cut raw waltwood lumber is naturally impregnated with tar, making it highly resistant to water damage.
Mape Wood

FFTA2 Mape Wood

65 Dagriohm, Zephyr Pole, Longbow, War Trumpet The Trappings of Failure, The Lands of Loar
This cut mape lumber exudes a sweep sap known to attract all manner of insects.

FFTA2 Spruce

65 Ancient Sword, Cypress Pole, Huntsman's Bow, Iron Hammer Reagent Run, The Veluga Pirates
A plentiful wood in colder climes. Paper can be made from the bark.

FFTA2 Birch

60 Kwigon Blade, Estoc, Xankbras Green Dominion, An Earnest Search
A dense, dark wood. Known for its high quality, and resistance to the ravages of heat and moisture.

FFTA2 Philtres Icon


Loot Sell Items Crafted Source
Putrid Liquid

FFTA2 Putrid Liquid

2800 Tonberrian, Dromaeo, Six of Diamonds, Edaroya Scriptures, Brint Frock The Way of the Sword, Wanted: Floraxion, Escort Wanted, The Honorable Thing
The foulest, most odorous liquid known. It is said the smell is enough to wake the dead.
Hero Tonic

FFTA2 Hero Tonic

2800 Materia Blade, The Fallen Angel, Cheer Staff, Zeus Mace A Lanista's Pride, Wanted: Musician!, Unsettled Thoughts
This tonic temporarily heightens combat prowess. However, the side effects can be severe, and sometimes even fatal.
Fiend's Blood

FFTA2 Fiend's Blood

2500 Pomegranate Staff, Brevis, Guang Cannon, Joker, Ensanguined Shield, Reaper's Robe On the Rampage, Flantastic Finish, Wanted: Magick Weapon, Spirits of Nazan
This dark red soup boils and bubbles. It is said that those who drink deep turn into beasts.
Silver Liquid

FFTA2 Silver Liquid

800 Chaos Rifle, Peacemaker, Eight of Hearts, Queen of Clubs, Platinum Shield, Dragon Mail The Goug Consortium, Under the Weather, One Red Phial
A rare metallic liquid. Gives off noxious fumes when mixed with any other metal save iron.
Unpurified Ether

FFTA2 Unpurified Ether

1000 Godhand, Blueleaf Flute, Mjolnir, Life Crosier, Ace of Spades To Be a Spellblade, Rancher's Request - Brown
A scintillating liquid, lighter than air itself. Under light, it sparkles with all the colors of the rainbow.
Crusader Tonic

FFTA2 Crusader Tonic

1200 Onion Sword, Excalibur, Cleansing Staff, Nirvana, Materia Armor, Orb of Minwu Sleepless Nights, A Request, Foodstuffs: Aroma
Drinking this tonic gives the imbiber temporary superhuman strength. Use caution; an overdose is fatal.
Strange Liquid

FFTA2 Strange Liquid

800 Ama-no-murakumo, Serpent Staff, Longbarrel, Rocket Punch, Two of Clubs, Enavia Chronicles, Tome of Ending, Hanya Mask Ordalia Airships Grounded, Green King of Cinquleur, Airship S.O.S!
This odd liquid gives off a bracing odor that tickles the nose and stings the eyes. In the right amounts, it can melt metal.
Aqua Galac

FFTA2 Aqua Galac

1200 Joyeuse, Mage Masher, Zanmato Grounded!, It's a Secret to Everybody
This water is rich in minerals. Can cause indigestion in those not accustomed to drinking it.
Clear Sap

FFTA2 Clear Sap

1000 Vitanova, Masamune, Outsider, Mandragora, King of Hearts 'Tis the Season, One Red Phial, Wanted: Caretaker
A colorless water-like liquid. It tastes slightly sweet to the tongue.
Sweet Sap

FFTA2 Sweet Sap

800 Cat Claws, Heal Chime, Massive Bazooka, Diamond Armor The Bangaa Brotherhood, Kthili Surveyors
This light amber liquid is sweet like honey. Boiled down, it makes syrup and candies.
Yellow Liquid

FFTA2 Yellow Liquid

200 Lost Gun, Ligatur, Sledgehammer, Four of Spades, Jack of Diamonds, Veil of Wiyu, Platinum Armor Komodo Arrival, I Got a Bad Feeling
This yellowish liquid bubbles and foams. Its color fades with exposure to the air.
Foul Liquid

FFTA2 Foul Liquid

200 Khukuri, Giot Gun, Supernal Ray, Battle Folio, Mage Manual, Urutan Annals, Giant's Helmet Pirate Attack, The Next Step, A Hard Place
This liquid is harvested from a malboro's mouth. Anything exposed to its rots in a matter of moments.
Healing Water

FFTA2 Healing Water

400 Aqua Saber, Murasame, Healing Staff, Spring Staff Wanted: Ugohr, A Harvest Hand
This bluish-green drink is made from a blend of a dozen medicinal herbs. Refreshment guaranteed.
Malboro Wine

FFTA2 Malboro Wine

350 Rondel, Malbow, The Arnath Glyphs, Close Helmet, Carabineer Mail Wanted: Gaitsnipe, Bong Bugle - Bloodfire
A single pickled malboro tendril floats at the bottom of this bottle of wine. Please, drink responsibly.
Bitter Sap

FFTA2 Bitter Sap

200 Orichalcum Dirk, Diamond Sword, Diklum, Diamond Helm Sun-ripened Mayhem
Pinpricks of light sparkle from within this milky white liquid. Often used as a fuel on account of its high oil content.
Green Liquid

FFTA2 Green Liquid

35 Riot Gun, Barbut, Platinum Helm, Platemail Throw Down
This sludgy, viscous green liquid emits a cloying stench that assaults the nostrils.
Fresh Water

FFTA2 Fresh Water

10 Blue Saber, Stinger, Fleuret, Iron Hammer A Paw Full of Feathers
As pure as it gets. Commonly used for mixing tonics and in alchemy.
Cloudy Sap

FFTA2 Cloudy Sap

25 Dream Claws, Aiot Gun, Omnis Cannon, War Hammer Bonga Bugle - Ashleaf, Cilawa the Gluttonous
This liquid has clouded to a brownish color and congealed to the consistency of gelatin. Some use this in place of more traditional glue.

FFTA2 Cloth Icon


Loot Sell Items Crafted Source
Demon Feather

FFTA2 Demon Feather

2500 Materia Blade, Ensanguined Shield, Reaper's Robe, Gaius Caligae, Ninja Tabi Showdown, Survey No. 259, Foodstuffs: Nutrition
These unpleasant looking feathers sprout from the back of demons. Men have gone mad just looking at the way they bob and bristle in the wind.
Wyvern Wing

FFTA2 Wyvern Wing

2500 Last Letter, Windsong Rapier, Trident, Dragon Whisker, Arbalest, Ever Robe Beneath the Sands, My Secret Shame, Lord Grayrl!, Three-Point Strategy, A Small Favor
Wing from the giant dragons that wheel through the sky. Said to provide protection to travelers when mounted atop an airship.
Spider Silk

FFTA2 Spider Silk

800 Ayvuir Red, Masamune, Terre Rod, Perseus Bow, Germinas Boots Ahriman (loot 4), The Way of the Timid, The Art of Gastronomy, Summons, Gripped by Fear
This sticky thread is useful for catching flies and other pests. It is impossible to keep the slender threads from sticking to each other, however.
Rainbow Thread

FFTA2 Rainbow Thread

1000 Tiara, Mirage Vest, Luminous Robe, Lordly Robe, Red Robe, Orb of Minwu Rumors Abound, Geomancer's Way - Rain, Making Music, Dire Rotundity
Pigments from seven flowering grasses are used to dye this costly thread. Imitations are easily spotted as cheaper dyes run in water.
Windslicer Pinion

FFTA2 Windslicer Pinion

1000 Fanatic, Seventh Heaven, Thief's Cap, Mirror Mail, Materia Armor, Galmia Shoes, Brigand's Gloves Ruinous Traps, Cake: The Recipe, A Chill in the Night
A steel-grey quill, so thin on on edge it resembles a blade. Snap it quickly through the air, and it will make a cracking noise like a whip.
Black Thread

FFTA Black Thread

450 Kain's Lance, Black Hat, Black Robe The Root of the Problem, Bong Bugle - Skyfrost
A thread infused with black magick. Wrapped around staves and rods to enhance their magickal capabilities.
White Thread

FFTA White Thread

450 White Hat, Dragon Mail, White Robe Hunting Season, Wanted: Tutor!
A thread infused with white magick. Sewn into robes and hats to enhance their magickal capabilities.
Fine Wool

FFTA2 Fine Wool

400 Chill Rod, Gaia Gear, Spiked Boots Wanted: Lang Bros., Cleaning to Ordalia
This top quality wool is as soft as down. Touch it once and you'll never go back to the cheap stuff.
Superior Silk Thread

FFTA2 Superior Silk Thread

450 Oblige, Carabineer Mail, Sprint Shoes The Way of the Meek
This light crimson silk is taken from the pupa of the timeworm. Much beloved of kings since antiquity.

FFTA2 Velvet

400 Partisan, Wizard's Hat Shipping Out
A fabric valued by all who love fine clothes that just feel great. Known for its rich sheen.
Bat Wing

FFTA2 Bat Wing

350 Gale Sword, Marduk, Satyr Flute, Magick Robe, Feathered Boots My Secret Shame
White fur covers this bat wing. Highly valued for use in works of art, though many find the results rather creepy.
Dirty Wool

FFTA2 Dirty Wool

20 Sleet Rod Tree Hugging
This wool was badly soiled during shearing. It is still useful for stuffing linings and other places where it will not be visible.

FFTA2 Wool

40 Javelin, Circlet Kyrra: Dragoon, Shipping Out
This wool feels great on the skin, and breathes well. Used to make blankets and clothing.
Aged Linen Thread

FFTA2 Aged Linen Thread

25 Kwigon Blade, Huntsman's Bow, Flurry Robe Mushroom Chef
This linen thread has yellowed slightly in the sun. A little worn and easily broken.
Silk Thread

FFTA2 Silk Thread

40 Hunting Bow, Platemail, Silken Robe You Say Tomato, Komodo Delivery, Seeking the Stone
This thread is made from the unwoven cocoons of the silkworm. Its beauty is unparalleled, yet is is somewhat susceptible to heat and water damage.
Soft Cotton

FFTA2 Soft Cotton

40 Conch Shell, Magus Robe, Chameleon Robe Wanted: Shiny Maces, Fey Mischief
This cotton feels soft to the touch. The low price makes it easily accessible to even those with modest incomes.
Ahriman Wing

FFTA Ahriman Wing

55 Djinn Flyssa, Tonfa, Cranequin Wee Evil
A wing wrenched from an ahriman. One of many base materials used in alchemy.
Faerie Wing

FFTA Fairy Wing

60 Épée-prisme, Elfin Bow, Faerie Harp, Ninja Gear, Faerie Shoes The Forests of Loar, Bonga Bugle - Coppersun
A wing plucked from a faerie. Dissolves like sugar when placed in water.
Small Feather

FFTA2 Small Feather

25 Windslash Bow, Magick Ring The Towns of Loar, Fey Mischief
A bird feather about the size of a man's palm. Often suck into caps or sewn onto shirt cuffs.
Large Feather

FFTA2 Large Feather

35 Shadow Blade, Red Shoes The Star Seal, The Towns of Loar
A long and lovely bird feather. Price varies depending on shape and coloration.
Giant Feather

FFTA2 Giant Feather

45 Air Blade, Black Garb Veis: Assassin, Maintaining the Balance
This feather is as long as a moogle is tall. Its rigid rachis makes it suitable for use in reinforcing weapons.
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