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Longwythe Rest Area is an outpost in the Longwythe area of Leide in Lucis in Final Fantasy XV. It has a motel, Crow's Nest Diner, shops, a rent-a-bird and a petrol station. It is in the vicinity of Longwythe Peak, a peculiarly shaped crag, which Prompto sometimes offers to photograph when the player drives past it.


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Umbra brings Noctis the notebook.

After Cindy Aurum repairs the party's car, she asks them to deliver something to Longwythe Rest Area. The party complies, and while at the outpost meet Umbra delivering Lunafreya's notebook to Noctis. He reads the message and writes his own in return, and sends Umbra on his way. Noctis's friends wonder how Umbra always finds them no matter where they are, and of what Noctis and Lunafreya correspond about, but he doesn't say.

Noctis and Prompto have a chance to talk by the the motel sign when they stay at the outpost, where Prompto reveals his insecurities of being part of the former's retinue.

After mysterious earthquakes begin to plague the area, Longwythe's Peak is revealed to be the sleeping adamantoise about to awaken. The friends Noctis has made on the Lucian outlands congregate at the Crow's Nest Diner at Longwythe Rest Area to support him in taking on the monster.

After the long night falls the outpost is abandoned. Noctis and Talcott Hester drive through the dark outpost ten years later while on their way to Hammerhead.

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Crow's Nest Diner[]

Crow's Nest Diner.

Dig into a platter of Kenny's Fries, fresh from the fryer! Kids and crows agree: those crispy, golden taters can't be beat! Nothing tastes better than what we make together—at the Crow's Nest!


Crow's Nest is a fast food restaurant chain in Lucis. Its diner at Longwythe serves the same menu as the other diners (the Original Crow's Nest in Old Lestallum has a special menu item). The manager acts as a tipster for the area, telling the party of local landmarks and procurement points and treasures, as well as offering hunts (see below). The player can play Justice Monsters Five here and listen to the radio.

NameEffectsPriceRecipe obtainedUnlock
Poisonproof icon in FFXV.png Poisonproof: Immune to Poison
Toadproof icon in FFXV.png Toadproof: Immune to Toad
Kenny's Fries
Kenny's Fries.jpg
HP Boost icon in FFXV.png HP Boost (Level 6): Max HP +300150Dish and ChipsDefault
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02: No recipe from eating.
Kenny's Salmon
Kenny's Salmon.jpg
Attack Boost icon in FFXV.png Attack Boost (Level 15): Strength +150
Defense Boost icon in FFXV.png Defense Boost (Level 20): Vitality +200
1400Kenny's Original RecipeDefault
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02: No recipe from eating, price: 1480.

JM Market - Longwythe[]

JM Market - Longwythe.


JM Market at Longwythe operates from a red pickup near to the Crow's Nest Diner.

Item Gil Type Info
Potion 50 Items Restores half of HP.
Hi-Potion 100 Items Fully restores HP.
Elixir 400 Items Fully restores HP and MP and regenerates half of maximum HP.
Hi-Elixir 800 Items Restores maximum HP and MP.
Phoenix Down 1000 Items Brings fallen party members back to life. Temporarily increases HP and MP recovery rate.
Antidote 10 Items Cures Poison.
Gighee Ham 30 Ingredients Used for cooking Croque Madame and Multi-Meat Sandwich
Luncheon Meat 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Mystery Meat Sushi and Cannedwich.
Birdbeast Egg 20 Ingredients Used for cooking Croque Madame, Classic Tomato & Egg Stir-Fry, Creamy Crustacean Omelette, Egg-Fried Crustacean Bowl, Fried Rookie on Rice, Golden Egg Galette, Mother & Child Rice Bowl, Papa Bird & Baby Bowl, and Golden Chocobo Tart.
Sheep Milk 10 Ingredients Used for cooking Veggie Medley Stew, Creamy Fowl Sauté, Creamy Milk Risotto, Taelpar Harvest Galette, Kupoberry Cheesecake, Golden Chocobo Tart, Keycatrich Salad, and Moogle Mousse with Kupoberry Sauce.
Anak Meat 80 Ingredients Used for cooking Prairie-Style Skewers, Breaded Cutlet with Tomato, and Miss Mercenary's Cassoulet.
Leiden Potato 40 Ingredients Used for cooking Veggie Medley Stew, Dish and Chips, Dry-Aged Tender Roast Stew, Battered Barramundi, Ace Hunter's Schnitzel, Garden Curry, and Meat-and-Beet Bouillon.
Funguar 80 Ingredients Used for cooking Veggie Medley Stew, Creamy Fowl Sauté, Triple Truffle Risotto, and Croaker in Brown Sauce.
Chocobean 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Burly Bean Bowl, Beanball Croquettes, Plump 'n' Pungent Tofu, Miss Mercenary's Cassoulet.
Wild Onion 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Oil-Drizzled Steamed Fish, Quillhorn Soup, Hunters' Krazy Kebabs, Creamy Bisque, Anointed Allural Sea Bass, and Hearty Stir-Fry.
Cleigne Wheat 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Grease Monkey's Schnitzel Sandwich, Fried Frontier Skewer, Crown City Dive-Style Dumplings, Ace Hunter's Schnitzel, Fluffy Chiffon Cake, Cannedwich, Meldacio Meat Pie, Crispy Fish Fritterwich, Beanball Croquettes, Golden Egg Galette, Garulessandwich, Horntooth Meat Pie, Karlabos Cream Croquettes, and Fishsticks on Sticks.
Leiden Pepper 20 Ingredients Used for cooking Prairie-Style Skewers, Spicy Long-Bone Rib Steak, Grilled Wild Trevally, Peppery Daggerquill Rice, Crown City Dive-Style Dumplings, Robust Bean Soup, Toadsteak Drumsticks, Skewered Wild Trout, Creamy Bisque, Devilfin Soup, Crown City Roast, Legendary Herb-Grilled Whopper, and Broiled King-on-a-Stick.
Sweet Pepper 50 Ingredients Used for cooking Burly Bean Bowl, Fried Rookie on Rice, Sweet & Spicy Cygillan Crab, Green Soup Curry, Blazing Braised Gizzard, Fire-Sauce Fillet, Sweet Saltwater Crustacean Curry, Plump 'n' Pungent Tofu, and Pit Crew's Meat Wraps.
2-Tone 300 Auto Parts A two-tone custom decal set.
Memories of FFII 100 Auto Parts Adds music from Final Fantasy II to the music player.



Optional scenes[]


Optional scene.

Staying at the motel from Chapter 2 onwards can trigger a scene between Noctis and Prompto when it is not raining where Prompto talks about his misgivings of being part of Noctis's retinue when he doesn't feel accomplished enough. The player's dialogue choices steer the conversation. Talking to Prompto yields the Pop filter for photos.

If the player sends Prompto away at the first dialogue option, he will try to initiate the conversation again when the player stays at a motel another time.

Adamantoise hunt[]


14 14 friends Adamantoise quest 2 ending

All possible NPCs at the diner.

The Crow's Nest Diner at the Longwythe Rest Area becomes the gathering place for the acquaintances Noctis has made on his travels after the hunt for adamantoise. If the player talks to Dave, he will take the player to the diner where up to 14 non-playable characters congratulate Noctis's party and yield an Oracle Ascension Coin each. How many people attend depends on how many quest-givers the player has met. The people the party has befriended along their journey always appear, but for the others the player needs to accept a quest from them, besides Kimya, who appears if the player does all of Dave's quests.

The NPCs who can appear are:

Randolph is the only recurring quest-giver who doesn't make an appearance.

Gone Hunting[]

Gone Hunting.

David Auburnbrie appears by the Three Z's Motel and asks Noctis and his friends to find a lost dog tag in the wilderness northeast of the outpost. Talking to the tipster at Crow's Nest Diner may unveil its exact location. After the quest is finished, Dave next heads to the Prairie Outpost.

Gone HuntingLeideComplete "The Errand Prince" in Chapter 01500 EXP, Hi-Potion x10

Scraps of Mystery[]


The player can find a mysterious map under the chair on the motel porch furthest from the reception desk. It marks a location to the southeast, near the Balouve Mines.


Mineside Mischief Makers1
Yellow Hunt Icon.png
Goblin x7The Callaegh Steps (Nighttime)71,740 gil, Hi-Elixir
The Hunter-Slaying Herd1
Yellow Hunt Icon.png
Magnanir x2, Mesmenir x4Longwythe Peak (Daytime)81,830 gil, Hi-Elixir
Squash the Squirmers1
Yellow Hunt Icon.png
Flan x5Longwythe Peak (Nighttime)142,280 gil, Hi-Elixir★★
Cranky Crustaceans2
Red Hunt Icon.png
Shieldshears x3Longwythe Peak (All Times)183,160 gil, Megalixir★★
Sting in the Tail3
Red Hunt Icon.png
Saphyrtail x5Longwythe Peak (All Times)253,720 gil, Megalixir★★
Beast over Brawn3
Red Hunt Icon.png
Grandhorn x2, Dualhorn x3The Weaverwilds (All Times)274,010 gil, Megalixir★★
In the Drylands, It Rains Spines5
Red Hunt Icon.png
Gigantuar x3Longwythe Peak (Daytime)407,550 gil, Rainbow Pendant★★★
A Fistful of Gil1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Yojimbo x1The Three Valleys (Nighttime)6117,450 gil, Anti-darkness Inners★★★★

Yojimbo's hunt is unlocked by felling Aramusha in the Balouve Mines.

New recipes[]

Classic Tomato & Egg Stir-Fry.

Ignis can learn Dish and Chips and Kenny's Original Recipe by eating at the Crow's Nest Diner.

Orienteering Checkpoint G, a few steps to the south of the motel, teaches Classic Tomato & Egg Stir-Fry. There are several large tank towers behind the motel, and the poster is on the back of one of them.