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Longwythe Peak is a crag in central Leide in Final Fantasy XV. Its origins and composition are a mystery to scientists, and it is a popular spot for tourists to take photos.

Ignis also learns a recipe called Longwythe's Peak, named after the landmark.



By a shack in a junction of the road east from the Longwythe Rest Area.

Colossal crag towering over the Weaverwilds in central Leide. Popular among tourists and geologists alike as a spot for souvenir shots and scientific studies respectively.
For roughly two millennia, the mystery of the mountain's origins has perplexed people across Eos. Geologists have uncovered so signs of seismic activity among the plates beneath the peak, and the oil fields underground rule out any volcanic hypothesis. Moreover, the rock that composes the crag has proven resistant to all forms of erosion. Thus, the question remains: just how did Longwythe come to be?
The broken buildings in the surrounding area are remnants of the pre-kingdom days, echoes of an era long gone. Some scholars speculate that whatever natural disaster destroyed these homes might have also been responsible for creating the now-famous crag.


Photo OpEdit


Photo Op: Mountain.

Prompto will ask the party to take a photo of the peak from Chapter 3 onwards. He might ask when the player is driving the Regalia around central Leide, and if the player appeases, the photo op appears into the quest log as Photo Op: Mountain. Completing it yields 200 EXP.

Photo Op: MountainLongwythe's PeakReach Chapter 03200 EXP

Scraps of Mystery VEdit

Northwest from the westernmost "valley" of the Three Valleys area has the remains of a building next to a segment of piping. The map is in the debris beneath it and marks a spot west of Longwythe Peak. The treasure is in a dip in the middle of a big rock to the west of the quest marker.

Lonely Rumblings in LongwytheEdit


Adamantoise as the peak.

Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe is a hunt the player can undertake after progressing to Chapter 9 and returning to Lucis via Umbra (all versions) or the royal vessel (Royal and Windows Editions). The player must take the Let Sleeping Mountains Lie quest from Cindy at the Hammerhead station. The quest concludes with the party discovering that the mountain at Longwythe Peak is actually the adamantoise, which they then flee from. The player can now accept the Lonely Rumblings in Longwhythe hunt from Takka at his restaurant by the Hammerhead.

Adamantoise is a superboss, a giant turtle said to be as old as the planet of Eos itself.

Timed QuestsEdit

Day of the Month Enemies QP
5 Gigantoad + Hekatontoad 100
8 Aspidochelon 100
22 Gigantoad + Hekatontoad 100
28 Aspidochelon 100
31 Dread Behemoth + Tyraneant 500


Magitek engines also spawn in the area, dropping imperial infantry, magitek infantry and magitek armor.

Timed Quests available on certain days of the month (see above) trigger east from the peak itself. On the 31st of a month the player can face a Lv.140 Dread Behemoth and a Lv.130 Tyraneant.

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