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Lord Lolorito Nanarito is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV. A leading member of the Syndicate, he is the chairman of the East Aldenard Trading Company, and owns both Sunsilk Tapestries and and Eshtaime's Aesthetics making him potentially the most powerful man in Ul'dah.


Final Fantasy XIV legacy[]

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Lolorito opposes the proposal to invite Doman refugee due to the ongoing issues with Ala Mhigans for the past few decades. His stonewalling of the proposal prompts his rival Teledji Adeledji to incite unrest among the refugee population, setting the stage for "Defenders of Eorzea."

At the conclusion of the story in "Before the Fall," Lolorito is revealed to be involved in the conspiracy that supposedly assassinated Nanamo Ul Namo and led to the apparent deaths of the majority of the leadership of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Lolorito plays a role in the Culinarian class quests, as the dreaded "Chefsbane" due to his tendency of being a food critic. To spare The Bismarck a poor rating, the Warrior of Light must cook him a high-quality Smoked Raptor Haunch to sate Lolorito's appetite. He appears in the final Culinarian quest, having arranged for the player to prepare a banquet for Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo's state visit to Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn. He had hoped to cause an embarrassment in retaliation for being humbled earlier, but the Sultana loves the banquet (much to his chagrin).

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Lolorito in Heavensward opening.

Dewlala Dewla reveals Lolorito had caught up to Teledji Adeledji's assassination plan. Having no desire to have the Sultana killed, Lolorito had Nanamo's servant swap the poison with a potent sleeping potion while taking advantage of the situation to eliminate both Teledji and Raubahn, two of his chief rivals. Lolorito gives the antidote to Raubahn who wakes her up. Ilberd and the other traitorous Crystal Braves were in Lolorito's pocket from the inception of the company, but he broke his alliance with them once they attempted to execute Raubahn against his wishes.

As Raubahn and Nanamo return to their duties, Lolorito reveals that the Garlean Empire had built a new super-dreadnought to replace the fallen Agrius, and had begun test flights.

During the player's pilgrimage it is revealed by Nanamo that due to his regret for his part for the troubles in Ul'dah, Lolorito surrendered Teledji's assets and half of his own personal wealth to the crown. Whether this implies true remorse or a ploy is left unknown.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

When the Scions arrive in Kugane they are surprised to discover that Lolorito's business empire extends into Othard. They are greeted by his agent, Hancock, who informs them that Lolorito intends to aid their efforts to liberate Doma. He offers use of the Ruby Bazaar, the East Aldenard Trading Company's office in Kugane, as their base of operations. Although the Scions at first refuse, not wanting to be in debt to Lolorito, they eventually agree after being assured that Lolorito does not expect anything in return. Doma's liberation would aid his company's interests, so he is willing to help the Scions without any strings attached.

Lolorito has a niece named Liliju of whom he is extremely protective. When she is captured during a bandit invasion of Kugane Castle, the Warrior of Light is tasked with rescuing her.

Following the liberation of Ala Mhigo, Lolorito is summoned by the Warrior of Light and Nanamo in a secret meeting at the Waking Sands to ask of how they could best help to rebuild Ala Mhigo, using recently salvaged treasures of King Theodric to help fund their efforts. The three agree they would focus their efforts on the Saltery. To ensure trust, Lolorito removes his mask.



Lolorito is a male dunesfolk Lalafell with light blonde hair. He normally wears a mask and turban to conceal his face, hiding golden eyes.[1] This is shown in-game when Lolorito meets with Nanamo and the Warrior of Light in private.


A master of the business trade with powerful connections and vast wealth, Lord Lolorito is the most powerful figure in the city-state and ensures it stays that way. What motivates him most is the promise of profit. He will not consort to murder or other unsavory tactics to achieve a goal, but is not above conspiracy. A statue in his likeness stands at Vesper Bay.

Lolorito didn't partake in the assassination of the Sultana with Teledji Adeledji or the attempted execution of Raubahn with Ilberd, but used their plans to his advantage.

Though scheming and Machiavellian, Lord Lolorito cares for his homeland of Ul'dah and while he may be a Monetarist, he had no desire to harm the Sultana, Nanamo. Lolorito is more than willing to make unscrupulous and otherwise questionable plans to ensure the prosperity of Ul'dah and that of his own wealth. He seizes control of Teledji's scheme for his own purposes of removing his rivals within the Syndicate and allowing the Scions of the Seventh Dawn take the fall. While the Scions would never truly trust Lolorito again, he attempts to make amends to them as well as the Sultana.

The Sultana sees Lolorito indispensable in the stability of Ul'dah and would make use of him. After the liberation of Ala Mhigo, the Sultana proposed a joint endeavor to reestablish the industry within the nation with a small share of the profits returning to Ul'dah. Impressed with her strategy and newfound maturity, Lolorito agrees to lend his business expertise to the plan.


Triple Triad[]

Lolorito Nanarito Card
Lolorito Nanarito Triple Triad Card.png
Card No. 128
Total stats 17
Type None
Description “Precious or not, they were never yet so reliable. And unlike those who frequent your establishment, I have no desire to gamble with my future.”
Obtain Won from Wymond, Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (9, 8).

Other appearances[]

Triple Triad[]

590a Lolorito Nanarito.png

Lolorito's card is an Easy Mode card in the version of Triple Triad playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Behind the scenes[]

If the final Culinarian quest is completed between the main scenario quests "The Parting Glass" and "Awakening in Ul'dah", Nanamo Ul Namo and Lord Lolorito will be anachronistically present at the state dinner, despite Nanamo presumably being dead in part due to Lolorito during this period. This may be because the quest chronologically takes place around the time of Operation Archon, regardless of the actual order a player completes them.


Lolorito is voiced by Cam Clarke in the English version. Since the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, Lolorito is voiced by Simon Greenall.

He is voiced by Hisashi Izumi in the Japanese version.