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Logos is one of Leblanc's two henchmen in Final Fantasy X-2, together with Ormi. His weapons are two revolvers. Tall and cunning, Logos is the brains of the Leblanc Syndicate, and tries to keep Ormi under control when the latter gets agitated.



Logos wears a black and silver helmet with a chin protector tied round the back of his head with a purple strip, and a blue robe and matching coat that features the Leblanc Syndicate logo on the shoulders and the sweeping, kimono-like sleeves. He has a purple sash around his waist and wears wraps round his ankles.


Like the rest of the syndicate, Logos is loyal to Leblanc and exceedingly cocky. He is clever and prefers to use his head, making him the straight-man in his comedic-like friendship with the dimwitted Ormi. Logos has a thing for recording naughty sphere videos, and a sphere he recorded during his visit to the Bevelle Underground seems to focus mainly on Yuna's backside.


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Ormi and Logos

Ormi and Logos in Luca.

Logos and Ormi originally worked under Maester Wen Kinoc and were responsible for documenting the results of the Crimson Squad's test in the Den of Woe. Later leaving the Yevon order alongside Ormi, Logos was taken in by Leblanc and became one of the key members of the Leblanc Syndicate.

When Leblanc poses as Yuna and organizes a concert in Luca, Rikku and Paine disrupt the show to retrieve their stolen Garment Grid. When Logos and Ormi cut Rikku and Paine's escape route, Yuna joins in the battle. After losing against the Gullwings, Logos and Ormi flee alongside Leblanc as he leaves the Garment Grid behind. Near Mt. Gagazet's peak, Logos, Ormi and Leblanc fight the Gullwings, both groups wanting to snatch the sphere hidden in the Floating Ruins. On the way to the top, Ormi sends goons to halt Gullwings' progress but the Leblanc Syndicate is beaten to the sphere.

When the Gullwings are absent Leblanc Syndicate breaks into the Gullwings' airship, the Celsius, to steal a broken sphere the Gullwings had obtained from Zanarkand Ruins, as they already have the other half. The Gullwings plan to reclaim it by disguising in Leblanc Syndicate uniforms. During a mission to acquire said uniforms, Logos attacks the Gullwings on the Djose Highroad alongside a few other members of the Leblanc Syndicate. He loses, allowing the girls to acquire a uniform.

Logos and Ormi join in the fiend hunt in the Mushroom Rock Road to get to the entrance of the Den of Woe. They find the Gullwings spying on them and flee but drop one of the Crimson Spheres needed to open the Den's gate.

Logos Baralai

Logos going to fight Baralai.

When the Gullwings storm Chateau Leblanc Leblanc, Logos and Ormi try to stop them but lose. The Gullwings find the restored sphere and the sphere hunters decide to put their differences aside and investigate Bevelle Underground together to learn more about the ancient machina weapon Vegnagun. Logos records their findings: a large hole in Vegnagun's lair, the weapon having fled to the Farplane. When they later view Logos's sphere they spot Nooj in the background.

After Baralai becomes possessed by Shuyin and leaves for the Farplane to activate Vegnagun, Nooj and Gippal follow. After the Gullwings quell the rising tension between Youth League and New Yevon by organizing a concert, they decide to follow, and are joined by Leblanc, Ormi and Logos. The sphere hunters make their way to the heart of the Farplane where Leblanc, Ormi and Logos help the Gullwings and Nooj and Gippal in dismantling Vegnagun.

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Logos is fought numerous times throughout Final Fantasy X-2, usually alongside Ormi or Leblanc.

Logos can be recruited through the Creature Creator system.

Creation and developmentEdit


Logos' Japanese voice actor is Nobuo Tobita, who also voiced Vayne Carudas Solidor in Final Fantasy XII. His English voice actor is S. Scott Bullock, who performed the voice of Galenth Dysley in Final Fantasy XIII.

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

PFF Logos
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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Leblanc Gang
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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Logos appears as a card in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. It displays him in his Nomura artwork.



His Japanese name is Sanō. Sanō (左脳) means "left brain" in Japanese.

His English version name was changed to "Logos." Logos is Greek and means, among other things, "thought," "logic," or "speech," all of which are controlled by the left side of the human brain.


  • The rings that show during the animation for Russian Roulette have words "Russian Roulette" inscribed on them in Spiran script.
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