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Radio advert for Leville Hotel in Lestallum

Lodgings (宿泊, Shukuhaku?) are inns in Final Fantasy XV. Staying at a caravan (トレーラーハウス, Torērāhausu?) or hotel (宿屋, Yadoya?) has the in-game day elapse until the next morning, but can be slept in at any time of the day. Unlike camping, lodgings cost money, and the party will not cook. As a tradeoff, the party gains EXP at an expedited rate. Staying at a caravan costs 30 gil for x1.2 EXP yield, but the hotel prices vary.

Staying at lodgings can trigger optional scenes.

List of lodgings[edit | edit source]

Leide[edit | edit source]

  • Three Z's Motel in Longwythe Rest Area (300 gil: x1.5 EXP)
  • The Quayside Cradle in Galdin Quay (10,000 gil: x2.0 EXP)

Duscae[edit | edit source]


Cleigne[edit | edit source]

  • Hidden Getaway in Cape Caem (free: no EXP bonus)

Accordo[edit | edit source]

  • Leville Hotel in Altissia
    • 300 gil: x1.5 EXP
    • 30,000 gil: x3.0 EXP (royal suite)

Others[edit | edit source]

The player can also rest on the royal vessel to fast-forward time, but this does not tally EXP.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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