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Prevents Stop.


Locomotion is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX that every permanent party member can learn. It prevents Stop from taking effect for the cost of 4 Magic Stones.


Locomotion is learned from numerous equipment pieces for variable amounts of AP; Eiko learns it the fastest at 15 AP, while Steiner and Vivi learn it the slowest at 35 AP. Equipping multiple equipment pieces that all teach Locomotion, masters the ability faster.

Locomotion is learned from numerous equipment pieces, but one of the easiest and the earliest for everyone but Steiner and Freya is from the Survival Vest stolen from Beatrix in Alexandria Castle, found in Fossil Roo, and bought from shops in the Outer Continent. Plate Mail for Steiner and Freya can be unequipped from Beatrix during the Battle of Alexandria and bought from shops around this time.


With Locomotion, the character will be immune to stopping abilities, a useful ability to have as Stop disables the afflicted entirely and flags them as defeated for Game Over purposes. Locomotion has no effect on Slow; the party can use Auto-Haste to be immune to it.

Good places to equip Locomotion for are in Desert Palace, and against Garuda (such as when looking for the friendly version), the boss atop Pandemonium in Terra, and in the final dungeon and against the final boss.