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Load is a stat in Final Fantasy Explorers.

Ability load is a job's maximum capacity for abilities, not to be confused with monster load. Each ability takes 10-60 load to equip, apart from Unique and Standard Abilities.

Your load largely depends on the job you choose. Freelancers and Machinists have very high loads, while Red Mages have the lowest. Load can only be raised by certain armors (all class-specific armors, for example) up to +15. A low load does not make a job bad per se, but a high load makes a job more versatile.


Each ability has a certain load that can be reduced by proficiency. For example, Cure (a low-level White Magic) will cost 15 load normally, or 10 when using a class proficient in low-level or White Magic. It's best to use proficient skills with all jobs.

Standard Load With Proficiency
15 10
30 20
45 30
60 40

Loads by Class[]

Each class has a different maximum load and ability proficiencies. The number of abilities and which abilities chosen depend on these. Note: the Freelancer has no proficiency.

Class Proficiency Load
Alchemist Firearm Skills 180
Bard Low-High Recovery/Support Magic 190
Beastmaster Axe Skills 140
Black Mage Black Magic 150
Blue Mage Blue Magic 160
Dark Knight Axe Skills 150
Dragoon Spear Skills 150
Freelancer 220
Geomancer Club Skills 150
Knight Sword Skills 140
Machinist Firearm Skills 210
Monk Knuckle Skills 140
Ninja Katana Skills 140
Paladin Sword Skills 150
Ranger Bow Skills 140
Red Mage Low-Mid Magic (Excluding Blue) 130
Sage High-Ultimate Magic 180
Samurai Katana Skills 150
Theif Dagger Skills 140
Time Mage Time Magic 150
White Mage White Magic 150

Monster Load[]

There is a maximum load of 300 for bringing monsters to battle. Every monster has a load from 100-300.

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