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Please, you must see this monoceros to safety! He has the power to heal injuries, which is why the Empire is so deperate to have him back. But I cannot allow it, not after the way they have treated him!

Llofii, to the Warrior of Light

Llofii pyr Potitus also known as Llofii the Forthright is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. She appears in the Bozjan Southern Front as a Summoner defecting from the IVth Imperial Legion.


Portrait in Field Notes.

Owing to the inability of native Garleans to wield magic, the Garlean Empire seldom incorporates the use of spellcraft in their military, but when they do, as is the case with the IVth, they take a meticulously scientific approach. Employing various creatures from wild animals to voidsent as test subjects, imperial mages study the magical arts of faraway lands and adapt them for use by people who possess limited affinity with magic. As a talented summoner, Llofii was charged with this task.

With her abundant reservoir of aether and precise touch in spellcasting, Llofii was far ahead of her class at the military academy. Upon graduation, she enlisted in the IVth Imperial Legion, where she completed a grueling initiation to earn a place in the mage detachment led by Sadr rem Albeleo. Yet though initially filled with pride, she would come to be racked by disillusionment in Bozja, where she was confronted with the cruel treatment that was forced upon test subjects.[1]

Llofi protecting the Monoceros.

One subject placed in Llofii's care was a Monoceros, a rare and majestic beast with the power to vanquish undead beings. When Llofii received an order to dissect the Monoceros, she made the momentous decision to desert the imperial army, fending off the relentless pursuit of her former compatriots and successfully fleeing to the Bozjan southern front together with the Monoceros. She was confronted by a resistance soldier who sought to hear her out and assist in helping her and the Monoceros flee the empire. After countless attempts to retake the Monoceros and kill Llofii, the soliders, including the beastmaster Clarricie, retreat and bring forth the undead monster Spartoi. With the help of the Monoceros and the resistance, the monster is put down and the two are safe from the legion for the time being. Upon learning of the fall of Castrum Lacus Litore, Llofii surrendered herself to the Bozjan Resistance—partly out of an odd sense of gratitude to her former foes for the mercy they had shown her on the battlefield, but even more so because she realized that she and her beastly companion had nowhere else to turn.

Llofii offered her captors a proposition: she would reveal to them every last bit of knowledge she possessed about the IVth Legion. In return, she asked only that her animal friend be returned to its far-off mountain to live out its life in peace. As for herself, she would accept any sentence. Moved by the girl's earnest plea and grim determination, Bajsaljen took her into the Resistance.

Llofii fights alongside the Warrior of Light and the Resistance in Zadnor. Llofii's main goal was to free all the other miserable beasts left trapped at the IVth Legion's research facility and personally end the life of its overseer, Fabineau quo Soranus—for only in doing so would his cruel and twisted experiments be brought to a merciful end.[2]



Llofii's second outfit in Zadnor.

Llofii is a seeker of the sun miqo'te with pink hair and red highlights, She has yellow eyes and wears a red neo ishgardian blouse and armor pieces. She wears purple undergarments and wears brown thighhigh boots. in battle she wields the Book of Silver.

Following her recruitment into the resistance, she wears a Yafaemi Jacket of Healing, and a pair of Hemiskin Open-toed Boots of Healing.


Llofii is said to be a compassionate mage defecting from the empire because of the horrible experiments the empire was using on animals to craft spells. She has a unique connection with the monoceros she saved from the IVth Legion, as when she tried to go into the battlefield once more the horse followed her into battle, knowing the dangers ahead but following the only person who showed him kindness and mercy, to stand by her side and protect her from any threat that comes their way.


Llofii appears in the The Bozjan Southern Front The Bozjan Southern Front in the skirmish Unicorn Flakes Unicorn Flakes, and the critical engagement The Final Furlong The Final Furlong. She uses the spell ruin on foes and Scupper on Spartoi to decrease its damage to protect her allies.

She then appears in several critical engagements and skirmishes in Zadnor Zadnor as an ally; having joined the Bozjan Resistance after her defection. She appears in the skirmish An Immoral Dilemma An Immoral Dilemma and the critical engagement From Beyond the Grave From Beyond the Grave where she assists players in battle and has her Monoceros cleanse any doom debuff. In this zone she gains the spell Cleanse, which is a circular Holy AoE, and Soothing Glimmer, which is a very large single target heal.


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