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Judgemaster or not, you cannot pass.

Llednar Twem

Llednar Twem is one of the main antagonists in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. He appears in the story after Marche Radiuju defeats the Totema Exodus, Llednar replaces Judgemaster Cid Randell as Prince Mewt's guardian and personal attendant. His job class is Biskmatar.



Llednar has brown eyes and blonde, medium length, hair in a style similar to Marche Radiuju. He wears a bright red hat with a white ribbon, a matching red and white surcoat, violet pants and bluish shin guards accessorized with bronze gloves, knee guards, shoes, and belts.

He bears a strong resemblance to Marche Radiuju with his bronze, pale red, and dark indigo clothes being an opposing color scheme to Marche's platinum, light blue and dark red. Llednar's appearance suggests Mewt's jealousy of Marche and insecurity about his appearance, as well as his desire to be Marche's friend.


Unlike both Cid, Mewt's former attendant, and Marche, his former friend, Llednar possesses an undying loyalty to Mewt and Ivalice, only overshadowed by his desire to defeat Marche.

Llednar likely represents an idealized version of Mewt, as his name is Mewt Randell reversed; "Llednar" (Randell) "Twem" (Mewt).


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Llednar Twem is the embodiment of Mewt Randell's darker side, created by the Li-Grim to stop Marche Radiuju from reverting the world back to normal. The Li-Grim places a Fortune Law on Llednar, rendering him invincible. Despite his invincibility, he fails to kill Marche three times. First, he attacks Marche just before he reaches the Totema Mateus at Delia Dunes.

Marche's duel with Llednar Twem in Bervenia Palace.

However, before he can use Omega to kill Marche, Judgemaster Cid appears. Judgemaster Cid, realizing that Omega's overwhelming power would destroy the nearby crystal of Mateus if unleashed near it, is forced to put an Advanced Law on Llednar to prevent him from using Omega. Llednar becomes arrogant and attempts to defy the law, charging up the Omega to attack and finish off Marche, Cid slaps him with a Red Card, sending him off to prison. He is subsequently released, however, and confronts Marche again at Bervenia Palace, this time one-on-one.

Once again, Judgemaster Cid arrives before Llednar can finish off Marche, and Llednar, not forgetting his previous encounter with Cid, retreats rather than risk getting sent to prison again. On his third encounter with Marche at Ambervale, Cid once again intervenes, this time by using an Anti-Law to nullify the Li-Grim's Fortune Law, rendering Llednar vulnerable. After Marche defeats him, the Biskmatar turns to stone and crumbles.

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During "Quiet Sands" and "Present Day"[]

Weapons Armor Helmet Shoes
SaveTheQueen Maximillian Bangaa Helm Caligula

During "Royal Valley"[]

Weapons Armor Accessories Shoes
Excalibur Peytral Genji Armlets Caligula


Below are Llednar's stats during the mission "Memories".

Move Jump Speed Evade Weapon Attack Weapon Magic Magic Power Magic Resist
5 3 145 70 412 375 329 386


Both of his Biskmatar skill sets are Dark Magic; which are negative magics, and Flair; which are ancient sword techniques.


In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition, Llednar is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Llednar appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Earth- and Fire-elemental Forward cards.