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The Lizardman is an enemy from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates.

Stats Edit

Old Town

Abyssus Forest

Crystal Temple

Lunite Temple

Battle Edit

They are one of two enemies in the game that the player will take damage if they try to jump on them, as they have spikes protecting their backs. Lizardmen tend to use a regular sword slash move, and will counter any attacks after guarding, indicated by it putting its shield up. When it does so, it is best to attack from behind to defeat it.

Upon encountering the enemy at the Crystal Temple, Lizardman will start casting the Thunder spell, which can inflict Paralysis on a character.

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Etymology Edit

Lizardman, Lizard Men, Lizard People, Reptilian, or reptilian humanoid comprise a common motif in mythology, folklore, science fiction, fantasy, conspiracy theories, ufology, and cryptozoology.

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