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Lizard is a beast/toad-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII found in the Paramina Rift, Garamsythe Waterway, and Tchita Uplands. They are one of the weakest enemies at the Paramina Rift.

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Being a flesh-eating beast with four horns atop its head, sheathed in scales much like those of a dragon. Lives in humid grasslands, where it digs tunnels with its powerful forelimbs. Its extendable tongue, situated toward the front of its mouth, is divided into four at the tip. The creature used it as a whip to snare prey. Thus captured, still-wriggling meals are bound in viscous saliva, and stored for later consumption.


Page 2: Street-Corner Mutterings Edit

You've heard of wind stones and ice stones, right? Well, my friend, there is a stone more powerful than either... magicite! Oh... you, er, knew that, did you? What's that you say? There's aught more powerful than even magicite? Crystals, they're called!? Well that's something I've not seen. Eh? And there's another stone more powerful still?

Kennie, Time Mage


Garamsythe Waterway

Paramina Rift

Tchita Uplands

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