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Lizard is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

Lizards are bipedal reptiles found throughout the Quon continent, usually in warm areas. They are somewhat valuable to the economy of Vana'diel: their hides can be made into a decent lightweight armor, their tails are sometimes used by alchemists, and their eggs can be used by cooks to create various dishes.

Lizards are docile creatures, but when attacked will defend themselves, using their thick skulls and strong tails as weapons. Lizards will sometimes defend themselves with fluids produced by glands within their body: they can secrete a lubricant that can cause some blows to slide off their hides, spit a powerful venom to poison their enemies, and create balls of fluid that will burn (or freeze, in some cases) anyone nearby. Their eyes are also believed to possess some sort of magical quality: at times, staring directly into them can Petrify a victim. Finally, their high-pitched screams can cause disorientation and lightheadedness in those who hear it.

Regular Monsters[]

  • Ash Lizard
  • Bane Lizard
  • Carriage Lizard
  • Chasm Lizard
  • Drachenlizard
  • Dusk Lizard
  • Frost Lizard
  • Geezard
  • Hill Lizard
  • Ivory Lizard
  • Labyrinth Lizard
  • Maze Lizard
  • Mamool Ja's Lizard
  • Mist Lizard
  • Riding Lizard
  • Rock Lizard
  • Sand Lizard
  • Sentry Lizard
  • Shadow Lizard
  • Slavering Lizard
  • Snow Lizard
  • Steam Lizard
  • Tormentor
  • War Lizard
  • Watch Lizard
  • White Lizard

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Amemet
  • Bashe
  • Bayawak
  • Draco Lizard
  • Emela-ntouka
  • Enhanced Lizard
  • Enhanced Salamander
  • Geyser Lizard
  • Grylio
  • Highlander Lizard
  • Kalamainu
  • Kendi
  • Kilioa
  • Leaping Lizzy
  • Nussknacker
  • Salamander
  • Sirrush
  • Tarasque

Beastmaster Pets[]

Special attacks[]

Other appearances[]

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