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Live Trigger sequence in the Xbox 360 version.

Even the army's having hard time with the Atlas. If you wanna take him on, be my guest...

Alyssa's response for choosing to ask her whilst wondering how to disable Atlas. Bresha Ruins -5 AF-.

During dialogue and events, you will sometimes get the option of choosing a conversation branch. Each selection will result in different dialogue and reactions. Setting the course of events through this mechanism will reward you with treasure chests from beyond spacetime.

Online Description

A Live Trigger (ライブ・トリガー, Raibu Torigā?) is a gameplay element introduced in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It allows the player to choose their reaction to a character during a conversation. Already chosen options are grayed out, but can be reselected. When replaying a certain area, some choices are different. The choices selected during Live Trigger sequences don't alter the main storyline, being more of a bonus feature rather than an important element of the game mechanics.

In certain cases, the player's choice in a Live Trigger may result in a paradox ending.

Obtaining adornments[]

To obtain the best rewards, which are monster adornments, players are advised to stick to answers that are consistent in style, choosing either 'correct' answers, which are appropriate, or 'funny' answers. Not answering enough usually leads to the reward of a Potion.

Players can go back to areas they have previously explored and use Gate Seals to replay the area using the Historia Crux, and to get the option to choose different Live Trigger options, and gain a wider range of rewards. New Live Trigger options will become available if the player does this, enabling players to extend their knowledge or gain humorous responses from the party.

List of Live Triggers[]



  • While this mechanism has been present in previous Final Fantasy games, it was never given an explicit name until Final Fantasy XIII-2.
  • Many comedic responses are assigned to Triangle/Y button.
  • There is a Live Trigger bug in Archylte Steppe in the Year Unknown, where, if the player does not select the comedic response on the first playthrough of the area, they will not be able to obtain a monster adornment if they replay the area and select the comedic response.