FFVII wiki iconFFV wiki icon Submarines (潜水艦, Sensuikan?) are a recurring form of transportation in Final Fantasy. They allow the party to explore the sunken areas below the ocean.


Final FantasyEdit

FFI PSP Barrel

A small wooden barrel is used by the Warriors of Light to travel from the town of Onrac to the Sunken Shrine and back. Unlike submarines, this one is not controllable on the world map, instead taking the Warriors of Light straight to the Sunken Shrine.

Final Fantasy IIIEdit


The airship Nautilus doubles as a submarine.

Final Fantasy V Edit


The Submarine docked.

The submarine is built by Xezat Matias Surgate to allow him and the party to sneak into the Barrier Tower around Castle Exdeath. The submarine can only be used in Galuf's World. The party uses it to enter Ghido's Cave, which had been sunk by Exdeath. The submarine is yellow, perhaps as a reference to the Beatles' hit song "Yellow Submarine".

Later, in the Merged World, the airship is rebuilt by Cid and Mid to double as a submarine. It is the only way to reach several locations, such as the optional dungeon, Sealed Temple.

In the iOS version obtaining the submarine earns the player the achievement "Under the Sea".

Final Fantasy VIIEdit


Submarines are vehicles used by the Shinra Electric Power Company and are based in the Junon Underwater Reactor. The party steals one while hunting for the Huge Materia in the reactor. They can choose to fight a few Shinra Guards Cloud Strife once worked with while incognito in Junon during President Rufus Shinra's inauguration, or spare their lives.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-Edit


Player Turks navigating the ocean floor.

Considered fugitives by the Shinra management due to their involvement and collaboration with Veld, the Turks attempt to locate the required support materia needed to help Veld's daughter, Elfé.

Discovering one located in Gongaga with the help of Reeve Tuesti, the Player Turk abducts a submarine from the Junon harbor with Cait Sith and navigates the mined ocean floor to get to the village unseen.

Final Fantasy: UnlimitedEdit

Cid builds his submarine, Jane to allow the Comodeen to find the Flying Water required to get his airship, Sylvia, flying. However, Pist Shaz XI of Gaudium captured Jane and her occupants in the Ocean Puzzle, their adventures within taking up much of the latter half of the series.

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