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Cards (by summon and numerical order)


001 Fireblast

002 Fireblast+

003 Flame Ward

004 Scorched Earth

005 Forest Fire

006 Hellfire

Fireblast (Card)FireBlast plusFireWardScorched Earth (Card)ForestFireHellfire (Card)


007 Fiery Tango

008 Delta Guard

009 Self-Destruct

010 Self-Destruct+

011 Explode

012 Explode+

Fiery Tango (Card)Delta Guard (Card)Self-DestructBomb Self-Destruct+Explode (Card)Explode plus


013 Tail

014 Song

015 Maiden's Kiss

016 Maiden's Kiss+

017 Entice

018 Entice+



019 Fire Strike

020 Blazing Barrier

021 Undying Spirit

022 Undying Spirit+

023 Flames of Rebirth

024 Flames of Rebirth+



025 Turtle Power

026 Turtle Power+

027 Miraculous Shell

028 Miraculous Shell+

029 Slowspell

030 Mighty Guard

TurtlePowerTurtle Power Plus (Card)Miraculous Shell (Card)MiraculousShell plusSlowspell (Card)Mighty Guard (Card)


031 Spinning Needle

032 Ambush

033 Poison Barb

034 Photosynthesis

035 Cactuar 1000 Needles

036 Cactuar 1000 Needles+

Cactuar Spinning NeedleCactuar AmbushPoisonBarbCactuar PhotosynthesisCactuar 1000 Needles1000Needles plus


037 Rush

038 Healing Kick

039 Fountain Head

040 Fountain Head+

041 Gale Strike

042 Gale Strike+

Rush (Card)Healing Kick (Card)Fountain Head (Card)Unicorn Fountainhead+Gale Strike (Card) GaleStrike plus


043 Gaia's Wrath

044 Boulder Toss

045 Earthen Fist

046 Earthen Fist+

047 Fissure

048 Fissure+

Gaia's WrathBoulder Toss (Card)Earthen Fist (Card)Earthen Fist Plus (Card)Fissure (Card)Fissure Plus (Card)


049 Chilling Whisper

050 Extinguish

051 Extinguish+

052 Snow Veil

053 Diamond Dust

054 Heavenly Strike



055 Tail Whip

056 Thunder Storm

057 Geyser

058 Geyser+

059 Tidal Wave

060 Tidal Wave+

LeviTailWhipThunderStormLeviGeyserLeviGeyserPlusLeviTidalWaveTidalWavePlusLeviathan PopUp Duel card JAP

Mist Dragon

061 Mist Breath

062 Billowing Mist

063 Aqua Breath

064 Aqua Breath+

065 Ice Bind

066 Ice Bind+

MistbreathMist Dragon Billowing MistMist Dragon Aqua BreathMist Dragon Aqua Breath+Ice BindMist Dragon Ice Bind+


067 No Mercy

068 Engulf

069 Engulf+

070 Breach Blast

071 Breach Blast+

072 Maelstrom

Bismarck No MercyBismarck EngulfBismarck Engulf+Bismarck Breach BlastBismarck Breach Blast+Bismarck Maelstrom


073 Shining Star

074 Quickstomp

075 Ruby Light

076 Ruby Light+

077 Holy Guard

078 Blessed Song

ShiningStarCarbuncle QuickstompRubyLightRubyLight plusCarbuncle Holy GuardCarbuncle Blessed Song


079 Shock

080 Thundercloud

081 EM Field

082 EM Field+

083 Judgment Bolt

084 Judgment Bolt+

Ramuh ShockRamuh ThundercloudEM Field Ramuh EM Field+Ramuh Judgment BoltRamuh Judgment Bolt+

Cait Sith

085 Megaphone

086 Battle Trumpet

087 Battle Trumpet+

088 Cat Rain

089 Marvelous Cheer

090 Marvelous Cheer+

MegaphoneCaitsith battletrumpetCaitsith battletrumpetplusCait Sith Cat RainCaitsith marvelouscheerMarvelousCheer plus

Iron Giant

091 Fist

092 Tackle

093 Beam

094 Beam+

095 Overhead Smash

096 Overhead Smash+

FistIron Giant TackleIron Giant BeamIron Giant Beam+Overhead SmashOverhead smash plus


097 Zantetsuken

098 Zantetsuken+

099 Gungnir

100 Gungnir+

101 Sleipnir

102 Dark Blade

Odin ZantetsukenOdin Zantetsuken+Odin GungnirOdin Gungnir+Odin SleipnirOdin Dark BladeOdin


103 Air Strike

104 Mega Flare

105 Mega Flare+

106 Tera Flare

107 Tera Flare+

108 Impulse



109 Poison Cloud

110 Shadowbind

111 Knife

112 Karma

113 Karma+



114 Slap

115 Slap+

116 Rage

117 Shout

118 Meteor

Goblin SlapGoblin Slap+Goblin RageGoblin ShoutGoblin Meteor


119 Fireball

120 Chow Time

121 Snort

122 Body Splash

123 World Destroyer*

FireballTyphoon Chow TimeTyphoon SnortTyphoon Body SlamTyphoon World Destroyer

Unique Cards

(promo needed) 124 Omega Wave Cannon

125 Ultima Weapon Ultima

126 Ragnarok Metamorphose

127 Shinryu Atomic Ray

128 Chocobo Chocobash

CT OmegaUltima Weapon UltimaRagnarok MetamorphoseShinryu Atomic RayChocobo Chocobash


129 Bitter End*

130 Slice Thrice*

131 Excalipoor*

132 Monarch Sword*

133 Ultimate Illusion*

Gilgamesh Bitter EndGilgamesh Slice ThriceGilgamesh ExcalipoorGilgamesh Monarch SwordGilgamesh Ultimate Illusion

Note: Cards are from Chocobo to Mahō no Ehon - Majo to Shōjo to Gonin no Yūsha


Mandragora N/A**


* marks that the card is a Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon exclusive.

** marks that the card is a Chocobo to Mahō no Ehon - Majo to Shōjo to Gonin no Yūsha exclusive.


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