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Lisette de Valentione is an Elezen from Final Fantasy XIV, who appears during the annual seasonal event for Valentione's Day. Self-proclaimed lady of 'House Valentione', she is a purveyor of all things romance and ardor.


Lisette is a member of House Valentione, a noble family of Ishgard who visit the city states of Eorzea to celebrate the romantic holiday of Valentione's Day. Every year, she travels to either Limsa Lominsa or Gridania, putting herself in charge of delivering treats, matching couples, and ensuring everyone is able to feel cherished by someone around them.

She has adopted a protege named Astrid, a young Elezen who has begun her own ventures into spreading cheer and love throughout Eorzea.

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Lisette is an Isghardian Elezen with pink hair dyed with lilac highlights. She has purple eyes and a pink heart tattoo on her cheek. She wears the female Valentione's Apron set, which is a red maid's dress and a white apron with a heart-shaped chest. She wears white oven mitts and a stylized chef's hat with hearts on them, black-and-white tights and black leather clogs.


Lisette adores everything related to romance and affection, seeking out adventurers to help her spread the joy of the spring celebration of Valentione's. She is eager to give others tasks that involve helping others in the name of love, and uses her love of confectioneries to provide treats for the attendees of her festivals.