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Lisa Pacifist is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. She acts as a mother figure and protector to the twins Ai and Yu Hayakawa, and a character foil to Kaze's reckless persona. She was voiced in the English version by Shawn Sides and the Japanese version by Kyoko Hikami.


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Lisa was born in Russia to Tsar Pacifist and her unnamed mother. She spent the most part of her childhood learning the Kigen Arts from her mother. When she was young, her mother exhausted herself in battle, to the point where she died bedridden shortly after. It is unclear at what age she joined the C2 Organization, but when she was twenty-two, she was assigned to retrieve Joe and Mary Hayakawa, who had disappeared into Wonderland and never returned.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited[]

Deciding her best chance to track down the couple was to follow their children, Ai and Yu, she boarded the train with them. Though she attempts to follow them secretly, she is swiftly discovered by the children, and instead becomes their guardian during their trip through the hostile Wonderland.

When she first meets Kaze, she is uncertain of him, and becomes fearful of his power after he reveals the Magun for the first time, noting its colossal power, despite its state of disrepair. As the series progresses, the two warm up to each other, though their relationship is not explored in detail, several minor hints as to an attraction to him are given. She is often the one to either beg Kaze to assist them when in danger, or to beg him to stop when he is endangering them, to varying degrees of success.

After boarding Jane, and thus being captured in Pist's Ocean Puzzle, Lisa is confronted with the truth of herself: Due to her mother's dying wish to she her smile one last time, she has constantly hid behind it from her emotions and the opinions of others. Overcoming his hurdle she uses the ultimate Kigen technique, the Kigen Summon, to allow Jane's crew to escape a deceptive quiz mistress.

At the series finale it is her cries that awaken Joe and Mary Hayakawa from Herba's control, and it is to her that Kaze entrusts the summoning of the ultimate Soil summon, Gun Dragon.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited After[]

After the adventure in Wonderland, Lisa began to question her relations to the C2 Organization when they abducted the Hayakawa family and even more so upon learning that Dolk is now her enemy, who is now Soljashy. Overtime, Lisa is overwhelmed by sadness of Dolk's death, and Herba added salt to the wound by revealing that Soljashy's goal was to feed Chaos with Lisa's rage and despair.

In a fit of blind rage, she used her Kigen powers to destroy the Pillar of Darkness at the cost of her life, while absorbing Chaos into her body. But Kaze and Makenshi managed to save her, leaving her on Earth to continue living.

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Kigen Arts[]

Lisa is the only practitioner of the Kigen arts that has been seen within the main time line. By harnessing the energy of her surroundings, Lisa is able to preform otherwise inhuman feats, such as throwing towering monsters for miles, stopping projectiles or falling debris, and controlling the flow of water.

Water is said to be particularly full of this energy, with the water of Wonderland being even more charged due to Ellenium, a source of great amounts of energy. This allows Lisa to summon the Kigen Summon without sacrificing her life, and once she understands this, she seems to be able to further reduce its effects.

The full strength or facets of the Kigen Arts are never discussed of explored, but it can be assumed that there are many more forms, as it is referred to in the plural as Arts rather than Art.

Creation and development[]

Illustrations during early production depict Lisa with long straight hair in a light-blue crop top with brown pants.



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