Lionel is one of the seven territories of Final Fantasy Tactics Ivalice. It was once known as the land of the Holy Ydoran Empire and the center of the ancient teachings known as Pharism. Both crumbled after a catastrophe struck the capital, which occurred soon after the execution of Saint Ajora Glabados who was known as the central figure in the Church of Glabados. Lionel continues its role as a religious territory, ruled by Cardinal Delacroix, a prominent figure in the Church and one of the heroes of the Fifty Years' War.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Lionel Castle[edit | edit source]

Home to Cardinal Delacroix, liege lord of Lionel, this castle once belonged to the Holy Ydoran Empire.

Castled City of Zaland[edit | edit source]

An elevated city built atop a low mountain, this castled city serves as a gateway to the province of Lionel.

Port City of Warjilis[edit | edit source]

The only merchant port in Lionel, this city developed as a port of transit for trade on the Bugross Sea.

Clockwork City of Goug[edit | edit source]

A mining town where mechanical weapons are crafted using techniques passed down from antiquity.

Golgollada Gallows[edit | edit source]

The site of Saint Ajora's execution, now employed as a public execution ground by Lionel.

Tchigolith Fenlands[edit | edit source]

Countless people died here during the Fifty Years' War, changing this once fertile plain into a poisonous fen.

Balias Tor[edit | edit source]

The location where Balias, the first of Saint Ajora's disciples, was put to death by the Holy Ydoran Empire.

Balias Swale[edit | edit source]

The barren valley where Balias, the first of Saint Ajora's disciples, hid from the Holy Ydoran Empire's pursuers.

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