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Lion Heart in Final Fantasy VIII.

Of gunblades, the finest model is the Lion Heart. It requires rare items to be remodeled to its highest quality.

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The Lion Heart (ライオンハート, Raionhāto?) (also written as Lionheart) is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series. It first appeared in Final Fantasy VIII and is widely known for being Squall Leonhart's strongest gunblade.

In its most iconic appearance as Squall's weapon, the Lion Heart is a gunblade whose blade is in a translucent gradient from dark blue at the edge to white near the middle of the blade. The frame of the gun portion is modeled with features incorporating the Revolver, Squall's starting weapon. These include a black gripped handle base, a breach, barrel, and magazine port similar to the M16 assault rifle, various grips to accentuate various positions of wielding—including an extended handle-like stock to a rifle-saber hybrid handguard near the magazine—and a design finish to incorporate the Griever emblem, a lion carved on the side and a wing protrusion emerging from the top. Squall's version of the Lion Heart appears to be able to switch between different fire settings. This can be seen most apparently in the Play Arts toy version of the weapon.

In Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XIII, the Lionheart is gold colored.


Final Fantasy VIII[]

Lion Heart is Squall's ultimate weapon, made from rare materials around the world. It allows access to all of Squall's finishing moves during his Renzokuken Limit Break, and enables his strongest finisher, the Lion Heart.

Items required to remodel a gunblade to Lion Heart are an Adamantine, Dragon Fang x4 and Pulse Ammo rounds x12. The cost of the upgrade is 2000 gil. Adamantines are procured from Adamantoises and the Minotaur card. Dragon Fangs are available from various dragon-type enemies, though mostly at certain levels: Blue Dragons (all levels), Grendels (<Lv.30) and T-Rexaurs (mid level). Pulse Ammo is made with Ifrit's Ammo-RF ability from various rare items, Energy Crystals being among the most plentiful of them near endgame, obtained from Elnoyles fought in Esthar City.

Though time-consuming, the necessary ingredients and Guardian Force abilities can be amassed before the end of disc 1. Once the items are obtained, the Lion Heart can be made in any junk shop regardless of whether one has read Weapons Monthly, 1st Issue (found in a Laguna flashback at the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory late into the game).

Final Fantasy X[]

Tidus's Lionheart sword.

A customized version of the Variable Steel is available for Tidus; the Lionheart is a level 10 weapon that has the Double Overdrive ability.

Final Fantasy XI[]


Lionheart is a great sword in the class of powerful armaments known as aeonic weapons.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Lightning's Lionheart gunblade.

Once the weapon of a l'Cie, this gunblade allows instant staggering of enemies near their stagger threshold.


The Lionheart is a model of gunblade obtainable by Lightning at the beginning of Chapter 12. It can also be bought at Plautus's Workshop for 28,000 gil. At max level it dismantles into Ceramic Armor (x7) and an Uraninite.

It has the trait Quick Stagger, which allows Lightning to immediately Stagger an enemy with any strike when the stagger gauge is at 90% full. It does not have the highest Strength and Magic stats among her weapons. Its upgraded version is the Ultima Weapon.

Level Strength Magic Current Exp. Exp. To Next Level Exp. To ★
1 8 8 0 1,500 63,060
2 11 11 1,500 1,674 61,560
3 14 14 3,174 1,848 59,886
4 17 17 5,022 2,022 58,038
5 20 20 7,044 2,196 56,016
6 23 23 9,240 2,370 53,820
7 26 26 11,610 2,544 51,450
8 29 29 14,154 2,718 48,906
9 32 32 16,872 2,892 46,188
10 35 35 19,764 3,066 43,296
11 38 38 22,830 3,240 40,230
12 41 41 26,070 3,414 36,990
13 44 44 29,484 3,588 33,576
14 47 47 33,072 3,762 29,988
15 50 50 36,834 3,936 26,226
16 53 53 40,770 4,110 22,290
17 56 56 44,880 4,284 18,180
18 59 59 49,164 4,458 13,896
19 62 62 53,622 4,632 9,438
20 65 65 58,254 4,806 4,806
68 68 63,060 Scarletite 0

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Lion Heart was introduced in Shadowbringers as the Gunbreaker Gunbreaker's level 80 artifact weapon obtained from Grenoldt in the Tempest after completing the role quest To Have Love and Lost. The weapon was originally known as the "Weathered Lion Heart", but this was changed in Endwalker to reflect its dyeable status.

As a Gunbreaker, Thancred Waters wields the Lion Heart.

Lion Heart

Lion Heart

Gunbreaker's Arm
GNB Lv. 80
Item Level 430
Physical Damage: 95 Auto-attack: 88.66 Delay: 2.8

Strength +164
Vitality +168
Skill Speed +116
Tenacity +165
Materia SlotMateria Slot
Blacksmith Blacksmith
Dyeable: Yes Unique

Final Fantasy XV[]

Lion Heart is a firearm obtained by completing Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto DLC scenario (it is added to every save file thereafter). It alludes to Squall's ultimate weapon from Final Fantasy VIII by having a similar design. It deals more damage when HP is low, which may also allude to Final Fantasy VIII, where Squall's Limit Break command is available in critical health, and his Lion Heart unlocks his ultimate Renzokuken finisher.

Lion Heart can be equipped by Prompto and Noctis. Prompto also has it in the episode's title screen after the player has completed it.

Lion Heart
Firearms2622Strength: +9
Spirit: +14
Damage bonus when the wielder has low HP: Damage + (30 + 9n% where n is every percentage point reduction under 30% HP)
Stays in inventory from the start of a new game
Buy: —
Sell: —
Download: Complete Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto
A high-performance prototype firearm developed exclusively for high-ranking officials. Deals more damage when HP is low.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

FFTA Lionheart.png

Sword wielded by knights of a legendary king.

In-game description

The Lionheart appears as a knight sword for Paladins, Templars and Defenders. It has 34 Attack, 2 Defense, 1 Magic Resistance, and teaches Defense to Paladins and Defenders. It can be bought at the shop.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Lionheart FFTA2.png

A sword wielded by knights loyal to a hero-king of old.


Lion Heart is a weapon usable by Paladins, Templar and Defenders. It has 38 Attack and increases Defense by 2 and Resistance by 1. It is the Rank E item of the "Battle-tested Swords" section of the Bazaar, and requires a Tarkov Crystal, a Zirconium and a Dragon Bone to unlock, and is then bought for 1220 Gil in the shop. It teaches Defend to Paladins and Defenders.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

The Lion Heart.

Squall wields the Lion Heart in his EX Mode, gaining the "Lion Heart (RANGE)" and "Lion Heart (HIT)" abilities. These extend the range of Squall's melee attacks and boost the power of the trigger function when Squall lands a melee attack, doubling the power of each blast.

The Lionheart is also Squall's level 100 exclusive weapon obtained from the shop by trading the Punishment weapon, Unshelled Bullet x5, and Bless Orb x5. The Lion Heart increases the player's Attack by 68, increases EX Force Absorption by 30%, and gives Squall the Sneak Attack ability.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Squall wields the Lion Heart as his EX Mode weapon, with its effects unchanged. The Lion Heart is also his level 100 weapon.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

PFF Harmony Lion Heart Icon.png
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Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒[]

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

FFBE Lion Heart.png

Gunblades are unique weapons that hail from a faraway world, and this one is said to be the greatest of them all. The elegant blade has a bluish tint, and—befitting the name—the hilt is emblazoned with the mark of a lion. In the world from which they originate, gunblades are often modified to augment their powers, but trying to build a Lion Heart requires some of the rarest materials in the land.


Lion Heart is a Great Sword obtained as Squall's Trust Master. It provides 150 ATK, requires both hands to wield, has a damage range of 100-160%, gives +50% Accuracy, and increases Limit Burst gauge by 2 every turn when equipped to Squall.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

MFF Lionheart FFVIII.jpg
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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Kingdom Hearts series[]

A Keyblade called the Lionheart can be obtained by defeating Cloud and Leon (Squall) in the Hades Cup. It has high attack power, increases Sora's max MP, and increases his magic and summoning powers. In Chain of Memories, the Lionheart Attack Card can be found in bonus boxes in Traverse Town during Sora's Story, which has high attack but performs poorly in combos. A similar weapon called the Sleeping Lion can be acquired in Kingdom Hearts II from Leon in Hollow Bastion before the second visit to Space Paranoids. It has decent attack strength and magical abilities, and increases the amount of strikes Sora can deliver in a combo.

Both Keyblades, despite their names, look more like the Revolver, Squall's starting weapon in Final Fantasy VIII, and not the Lion Heart, and use Squall's leonine Griever emblem as the basis for their designs. The Sleeping Lion in particular has a bladed edge along its length unlike the majority of Keyblades, and a gun barrel set into the handle, making it appear similar to the Revolver. The Sleeping Lion also bears some resemblance to the Twin Lance weapon Squall can receive in Final Fantasy VIII, as it has a hollow gap running through the center of the blade.

When fought in the Colosseum cups, Leon will occasionally power up his gunblade, surrounding the blade with a bright blue and gold aura, which makes it appear similar to the Lion Heart.

Blood of Bahamut[]

Lionheart is a gun that can be equipped by Ryuma.


Play arms lionheart.jpg

The Lion Heart is included in the Play Arts Arms set along with four other ultimate weapons. Its blade is not blue like in its other appearances, but metallic-gray like the Revolver.


Similar weapons in the series[]

The Ras Algethi.

The Ras Algethi gun in Final Fantasy XII appears to be based on the Final Fantasy VIII Lion Heart with aspects of the Revolver's design. Though classified as a gun and thus only being used in ranged combat, it bears a large blue blade running along the length of the barrel, a wing design on the hammer, and a handle similar to the Revolver with a chain and wing emblem attached to the end.

The Brotherhood sword that Wakka gifts to Tidus in Final Fantasy X bears some resemblance to Lionheart. Both blades are a fluorescent blue and have a unique design attached to the top of the blade (Lionheart bears a wing, Brotherhood has something stylized to match Spira's overall design sense, but looks like a bird).

Etymology and symbolism[]

Lion Heart means to possess or display courage, being able to face and deal with danger or fear without flinching.

The name in the Final Fantasy series comes from Squall, who has a lion theme to his character represented also in his ultimate weapon, the Lion Heart. The use of the color of blue in the weapon's depictions may stem from western symbolism, representing trust, security, peace, harmony, and the term of "true blue", meaning to be faithful and devoted.